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Gotham Crime Rate Soars Newspaper

Close-up of a second edition.

GOTHAM CRIME RATE SOARS is an issue of the Daily Planet. It was presumably published before November 12, 2015, as Senator Finch, who was killed on that day, is quoted in an article.

"Recent Rise in Crime Rate has Gotham City on Edge..."[]

"Recent Rise in Crime Rate has Gotham City on Edge..." is the top article, which was written by staff writer Gavin Evans.


The GOP is a split and fractured party and will need to unify its platform and stop all of the infighting that has characterized their public persona over the last several months. With Tea Party Conservatives driving the party ever further to the right, there is no room any longer for the Republican party as a whole to offer any moderate point of view without fear of succumbing to the rancor of their own rhetoric. Senator Finch, a long serving Republican who has held a prominent chair on many congressional subcomittees feels that, "Republicans are all over the place. There's a huge amount of pressure to move to the right to distance ourselves from current democratic party. But now that everyone is in a race to get to the right side of the boat, it's starting to silt so far right that it just might sink."

The article continues on page A2.

Behind the scenes[]

  • A second edition of this newspaper was part of Freddy's collection in Shazam!.