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Funko Mystery Minis are blind box collectibles sold alongside their popular Funko Pop! counterparts. Mystery Minis are more varied in style, but are otherwise very similar to Pop!s, the major difference being size (Mystery Minis are about 2.5 inches tall).

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Mystery Minis are sold by the box, each box containing one random figure, but can also be purchased by case. Each case has 12 boxes. Many series have only 12 figures in the set with equal rarity among them, so Funko packages the cases such that buying one case will net the customer the complete set. Barring factory error, which has been known to happen, every case is packaged in this manner. There are also series that have variable rarity among the figures. For example, in the Justice League series, Aquaman is 1/6, Flash is 1/12, and Superman and Cyborg are each 1/24. Case fairness holds true for these sets as well, so purchasing one case would net you two Aquaman figures, one Flash, and either Superman or Cyborg.

Sometimes specific stores carry an alternate version of a set that replaces some of the randomized figures with store-exclusive variants or unique figures. These will be detailed below where applicable.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[]

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Batman v Superman Mystery Minis were released in April 2016, just after the movie hit theaters. The base set contained 12 figures, each with 1/12 rarity, and there were also 7 exclusives between Walmart and GameStop. This series features twisting heads that would later be phased out, though characters with bulky hair couldn't twist that far.

Suicide Squad[]

For more Suicide Squad merchandise, see Suicide Squad/Merchandise.

Suicide Squad Mystery Minis were released in June 2016. Like the Batman v Superman set, the base set contained 12 figures, each with 1/12 rarity. This time there were 6 exclusive figures between Hot Topic and GameStop. Some characters' heads could still twist in this series, but others were made rigid. The level of detail was slightly increased from the previous set.

Justice League[]

For more Justice League merchandise, see Justice League merchandise.

The Justice League set was the first to introduce variable rarity. Variable rarity tends to be used to make the more popular characters easier to find, while forcing the more serious collectors to purchase extra figures to find the rare ones. The base set had 13 figures, while Hot Topic and GameStop each had 3 exclusives for a total of 19 in the compete set.

The sculpts became more advanced with this set, with characters' faces noticeably looking more like the actors who played them. Character scale was also considered, making the smaller characters (Mera, Flash) slightly smaller, while bigger characters (Steppenwolf) were slightly bigger. Previous sets had relatively uniform scale regardless of character size. There was also an alternate head sculpt for Aquaman that appeared in approximately 1/6th of the Aquaman figures wherein his hair flares out at the bottom. According to concept art this was intended to be the head for the Hot Topic Aquaman figure, but the heads were used more freely between the two figures.


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The Aquaman Mystery Minis released in October 2018 preceding the December film. There weren't any exclusive sets, however the Aquaman Deluxe Collector Box, which was a Target-exclusive product, did contain one of two random, exclusive Mystery Minis. In this set the characters' hands decreased in size compared to the previous sets, and the figures overall were also made smaller. This was to fit the leaping Aquaman figure into the size-locked boxes, as a Justice League-size Aquaman wouldn't fit in such a pose.

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)[]

For more Birds of Prey merchandise, see Birds of Prey merchandise.

The Birds of Prey minis were released in January 2020, shortly before the movie. The set had variable rarity with two GameStop exclusives that replaced the 1:12 rarity figures with alternate versions of themselves. One of these is a flocked version of Bruce, the hyena. This is the first DCEU flocked mini, as well as the fourth flocked Mystery Mini in the entire Funko library, making it quite unusual. Flocked figures have a soft layer over the vinyl, simulating fur. The minis in this set remain very similar to the Aquaman series in style and scale, but characters were given five-fingered hands, while the previous sets all had four fingers.

Wonder Woman 1984[]

For more Wonder Woman 1984 merchandise, see Wonder Woman 1984/Merchandise.

Wonder Woman 1984 Mystery Minis released in April 2020, and were the first set among the DCEU not to include any store exclusives. This is the first set of DCEU Mystery Minis that didn't make any notable changes to the style of the previous set. As the series progressed, twisting heads became rigid, the level of detail and quality of the sculpture increased, the scale shifted slightly, four-fingered hands became five-fingered, and more extravagant poses were produced, such as the flying Wonder Woman. The style may be stable from this point on if any future sets are produced.

The Suicide Squad[]

For more The Suicide Squad merchandise, see The Suicide Squad/Merchandise.

The Suicide Squad Mystery Minis were released in July 2021, one month before the film's release. They were the second series not to include any store exclusives following the previous set for Wonder Woman 1984. The style remained relatively stable with the stylistic changes that had occurred from series to series in the past, but the finger count reverted from five back to four to match the previous Suicide Squad series, as did the figure scale, making the figures in this series larger than the Aquaman, Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman 1984 figures, but matching up nicely with the Suicide Squad figures. The series has twelve unique figures, eleven unique characters, and ten characters that are being introduced to the Mystery Minis collection for the first time. This makes it the series with the largest number of unique characters, but tied for the lowest total unique figure count. The back of the box mistakenly lists Ratcatcher 2 as 1:12 rarity, but she's actually 1:24.

  • Bloodsport - 1:6 rarity
  • Harley Quinn (bodysuit) - 1:6 rarity
  • Peacemaker - 1:6 rarity
  • King Shark - 1:6 rarity
  • Polka-Dot Man - 1:12 rarity
  • Mongal - 1:12 rarity
  • Ratcatcher II - 1:24 rarity
  • Blackguard - 1:24 rarity
  • The Thinker - 1:36 rarity
  • Javelin - 1:36 rarity
  • Harley Quinn (damaged dress) - 1:72 rarity
  • Weasel - 1:72 rarity