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"A new toy?"
"Prototype troop carrier.
Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne.[src]

The Flying Fox was a three-story[1] airplane[2] built by Bruce Wayne for use as a "troop carrier" for the Justice League.[3]



Bruce Wayne building the Flying Fox

At some point in time, development of the vehicle began. But the best minds at Wayne Aerospace could not figure out how to make the vehicle fly, causing its development to be shelved indefinitely.

At some point Bruce Wayne restarted work on the Flying Fox in the Wayne Aerospace Hangar in preparation for the coming invasion he foresaw.[4]

Battle of Pozharnov

During the final battle against Steppenwolf in Pozharnov, Russia, the Flying Fox was used to transport the Justice League. Batman used it to drop the Batmobile out from behind to fight the Parademon invasion.

Batman then used its missiles to break into Steppnwolf's Stronghold, damaging the ship in the process. As it crashed, Batman escaped in the Batmobile, gunning down the Parademon squadrons sent to kill him.

After Steppenwolf's defeat, the Justice League stood atop one of Pozharnov's nuclear reactor towers, watching the sunrise as the Flying Fox picked them up.[4]


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