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"Get on the satellite, Dale, you fuckin' dickhead!"
―Flo Crawley to Dale Biner[src]

Florence "Flo" Crawley is a former member of A.R.G.U.S. and the former coordinator of missions for Task Force X. She also acted as the personal aide to Amanda Waller. During the Mission in Corto Maltese, she betrayed Waller to help the squad detain Starro, for which she was subsequently arrested.


Early life[]

At some point Flo Crawley joined the United States government organization A.R.G.U.S. at Belle Reve. She later began to collaborate helping Amanda Waller recruit members for Task Force X.[1]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]


Crawley was present when Amanda Waller manipulated the daughter of prisoner Robert DuBois to force him to join Task Force X for the Corto Maltese mission that consisted of destroying Project Starfish.[1]

Battle on the Corto Maltese Beach[]

Flo Crawley bet money

Flo Crawley bet money.

When Task Force X's first strike team headed toward to the coasts of Corto Maltese, Crawley began betting money with her teammates, where she bet $20 that Savant would die. In that Waller came to interrupt to tell them to go to their positions on the radar. When the team arrived on the island, Crawley watched as Weasel supposedly killed, then watched as almost the entire first team was killed, including Savant and other members, for which Crawley celebrated winning money from gambling.[1]

Facing Amanda Waller[]

"Bloodsport is out the mission."
―Flo Crawley to Amanda Waller[src]
Crawley notifies Waller about Bloodsport

Crawley notifies Waller about Bloodsport.

Flo Crawley and her team continued to watch the footsteps of the second strike team. Days later when Starro was released, Amanda Waller warned that the mission was completed as all traces that linked the United States with the experiments in Jotunheim had been destroyed, and that Starro's attack was no longer their problem.[1]

Flo Crawley after knocking Waller

Flo Crawley after knocking Waller.

However, when Bloodsport decided to disobey this order, Crawley notified Waller, so Waller threatened DuBois to kill him with the Nano-bomb. The rest of the members also decided to disobey the order, prompting Amanda nearly to assassinate them all starting with DuBois. However, Crawley hit Waller with a metal stick, knocking her out. Quickly after that, her teammates were able to help Task Force X by guiding them to defeat Starro, Flo ordered Dale Biner to get into position.[1]

Flo Crawley is arrested

Crawley is detained by A.R.G.U.S. agents

The squad then managed to assassinate Starro, a few hours later when Amanda Waller woke up from the blow, Crawley and the rest of her teammates felt uncomfortable disobeying Waller.[1] Afterwards, Waller had Crawley detained by A.R.G.U.S. agents for knocking her out.[2]


"All those people, John... Little kids..."
―Flo Crawley[src]

Flo Crawley is a serious person when doing her job who was not afraid of using criminals to carry out suicide missions, that is why she was part of Amanda Waller's team. She also liked to bet money with her companions to guess who would die and who would not.[1]

However, she was shown to have a sense of morality when Amanda Waller showed no interest in helping the people of Corto Maltese when they were attacked by Starro, as well as the heinous experiments that were carried out in Jotunheim. Therefore, when Waller attempted to execute the remaining members of Task Force X for disobeying her orders, Crawley decided to knock out her superior out to help Task Force X in defeating Starro to save Corto Maltese.[1]


  • Expert computer scientist: TBA





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  • In the comics, Flo Crawley was the coordinator of Task Force X's missions, and the first cousin of Amanda Waller. She formed a close friendship with Oracle, who hacked into the computer system of Belle Reve to learn more about the Suicide Squad. Flo had a crush on the Bronze Tiger, an ally of the Squad, and insisted she be allowed to go on a mission with him in the hopes that she could impress him. Waller forbade it, but when the stranded Lashina offered her a mission to Apokolips, she couldn't refuse and joined her. By the time Flo realized her mistake, she was killed on Apokolips.


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