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"If my mom doesn't forget the tomatoes in the first place, then he never leaves and she never dies. No one would even have to see me. Bruce said no interaction. This is no interaction. This is just quick in, quick out, back to the present, like I was never there. That's how i fix it."
Barry Allen[src]

Flashpoint was a temporal event caused by Barry Allen in an attempt to travel back in time through the Chronobowl to prevent the murder of his mother, Nora. This change caused the creation of an alternate timeline very different from the main one, in which there were no Metahumans to confront General Dru-Zod and the Sword of Rao during the Kryptonian attack.


Murder of Nora Allen[]

"My dad wasn't even at home. My mom sent him to go get a can of tomatoes. I think whoever broke into the house thought it was empty. And then my mom was in there with the knife on her hand and things went bad, just this absurd chain of events."
Barry Allen[src]
The Flash Trailer 014

Henry with an agonizing Nora on his arms.

On June 13, 2004, Nora Allen forgot to buy another can of tomatoes at the supermarket with her young son Barry Allen, causing her to later send her husband Henry Allen to buy it. That day, Nora was stabbed in the chest in her home by the speedster named Reverse-Flash, causing her death. Henry was framed for Nora's murder, receiving a life sentence at Iron Heights Penitentiary for the alleged crime, although Barry always tried to prove his innocence.[1]

Discovering the Chronobowl[]


Flash entering the Chronobowl.

"If you were to go into the past, any interaction you have with your parents or yourself, you step on the wrong blade of grass, you have no idea what the consequences to that could be."
"But Bruce... I could fix things."
"You could also destroy everything."
Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen[src]

In 2022, days before Henry Allen's appeal trial, Barry Allen contacted Bruce Wayne asking for help processing some supermarket surveillance camera footage moments before his mother's murder, hoping to prove his innocence. However, despite having the video processed, Henry's face was not seen in the footage. Hopeless, Barry traveled to his childhood home while painfully reminiscing about the past. Overwhelmed by his feelings, he broke the rule and tried to go back into the past, accidentally discovering the Chronobowl through the Speed Force. There, he learned to interact with and alter events from his past, believing he could change history.

After informing Bruce of his discovery, the latter warned him of the consequences of making a minimal change in the past, discouraging Barry. Shortly after, he received a visit from Iris West at her apartment; During their conversation, West delved into the tragedy he experienced as a child, believing he could travel to the past and save his mother, although Barry dismissed the idea as too much interaction with his past. Quickly, Barry remembered how his father had gone to the supermarket to buy another can of tomatoes, giving him the idea to put this one in his shopping cart so that his mother wouldn't send him to buy it, preventing the murderer from entering her house and stabbing her. After thanking Iris for the idea, Barry desperately left his apartment to enter into the Chronobowl again.[1]


"Don't forget the tomatoes. See you soon."
Flash to Nora Allen[src]
Flash after leaving a tomato can of his mom's shopping cart

Flash after leaving a tomato can on his mom's shopping cart.

Inside the Chronobowl, Flash went back in time to June 13, 2004, when he was shopping at the supermarket with his mother. Upon entering, Flash activated his speed in slow motion and grabbed a can of tomatoes from the shelf, making sure his mother had an extra. Flash then said goodbye to his mother and returned time to his normal speed, before disappearing and returning to the Chronobowl. Hoping to succeed in his mission, Flash found that this move had altered his life completely, noting new happy memories with his family as he raised a smile on his face. However, Flash was soon stopped watching with a mysterious speedster who ran towards him and abruptly ejected him from the Chronobowl with a punch.[1]


Dark Flash 1

Flash seeing his misterious attacker.

"I completely broke the universe. [...] I created a world with no metahumans. And now there's no one to defend us from Zod. There's no Cyborg. There's no Aquaman. There's no Wonder Woman. There's no Superman. There's no Batman."
Barry Allen[src]

Despite being a minuscule alteration in Barry Allen's history, this change caused several events in the main timeline to be modified in whole or in part from even before the time of the change. In this new reality, Bruce Wayne was born much earlier and looked very different from the main one, Kal-El was killed by General Dru-Zod as a baby, Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth after him and was captured by mercenaries in Siberia not to mention she also looked different from the main one, Thomas Curry never met Atlanna, and therefore, Arthur Curry was not born; Victor Stone had not yet become Cyborg, and Diana never left Themyscira. In this Bruce's words, it was all a hot mess.

After being expulsed out of the Chronobowl, Flash found himself outside his childhood home, meeting his parents in this new reality. Once there, Barry had an emotional reunion with them, although they were unaware of the temporary alterations. However, Barry soon checks in with a younger version of himself who had arrived from college, learning that he found himself stranded on September 29, 2013, the day he gained his powers. Fearing that he would lose his powers and his time travel power if his younger self did not obtain them, Barry decided to take him with him.[1]


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