The Flash Suit is a protective scarlet suit bearing a golden lightning bolt design on the chest, worn by Barry Allen as the Flash to hide his identity from his enemies when he fights crime.[1]


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Barry Allen[src]

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"Silica-based quartz and fabric. Abrasion resistant. Heat resistant."
"Uh, yeah, I do competitive ice dancing."
"It's what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on reentry."
"I do... very competitive ice dancing.
Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen[src]
The Flash

Barry in his Flash suit.

Barry Allen created the suit from a sophisticated anti-friction material to protect himself when running at superhuman speeds. The suit is composed of silica-based quartz and fabric, with Bruce Wayne noting that it is the same composite material that NASA uses to protect spaceships during reentry, in order to avoid burning up from the immense air friction encountered when Barry runs, as well as being cold resistant, in the event that it's exposed to extreme temperatures.[2]


As his superhero alter ego the Flash, however, Barry wears a form-fitting red suit that covers his entire body and head. It has a fitted face mask that covers his head, but leaves his mouth and eyes exposed, with there also being wing-shaped earpieces. His body is covered entirely with protection pads scattered across the suit in various places, such as the torso, to better protect Barry, with the joints areas free for movement so he can run with little restriction. There is a white circle with a yellow lightning bolt in the center of the chest.

Barry wears the same Flash suit when working with the Justice League.[3]


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  • Unlike the various Flash suits from DC Comics (and most other appearances of the Flash), this version isn't a singular piece of protective material, instead, it's made from a collection of pieces bolted together.
  • The suit seems to take inspiration from its counterparts seen in the Injustice universe, as well as the suit seen in DC Universe Online, serving as a more functional piece of 'armor'.
  • The Knightmare suit bears a resemblance to the Flash's Earth-1098 counterpart.

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