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"I had a dream. It was the end of the world. I think it's something more... something darker
"I had a dream. It was the end of the world. I think it's something more... something darker." ―Bruce Wayne, Zack Snyder's Justice League
This article or section is about the Knightmare future. This is a potential future that may not necessarily follow the primary timeline.
For alternate versions of Flash, see Flash's Character Hub.

"I'm too soon! You were right about him! You've always been right about him! Fear him! Find us, Bruce! You have to find us!"
―Flash to Bruce Wayne[src]

Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen, better known as the Flash, is a former vigilante and member of the Justice League who became a resistance fighter against Darkseid and Superman's regime.


Darkseid's Ultimate Victory[]

At some point in a dark future, Lois Lane was killed, with Batman having been unable to prevent it. Consumed with grief, Superman was left susceptible to Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation and allied himself with the forces of Apokolips, becoming a tyrannical ruler of the planet.[1] Earth was successfully terraformed by the Mother Boxes and the Regime was founded to aid Superman in his totalitarian regime of Earth, mercilessly killing anybody who opposed him. Batman promptly founded the Insurgency in order to combat this new threat, thus beginning a long conflict.[2]

Confronting Superman[]

Screenshot 2021-04-08 8.48

The Flash prepares to attack Superman.

After hiding on an abandoned bridge, Barry and the Insurgency planned to use a Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time to prevent that timeline from being created. When Superman suddenly landed on the spot and activate his heat vision, Barry Allen and the rest of the team prepared to attack him.[3]

The Warning[]

"Bruce, listen to me now! It's Lois, it's Lois Lane! She's the key! Am I too soon?!"
―Flash to Bruce Wayne[src]
The Flash appears in Bruce's dream

The Flash warns Bruce Wayne.

After Batman was ambushed and killed by Superman, Flash got ready to put the Insurgency's backup plan into action. With the aid of Cyborg's calculations,[4] the Flash was able to use his cosmic treadmill to run back in time to warn Bruce Wayne of the dangers that Superman could pose.[5] However, as he reached the Batcave, a dismayed Flash realized that he traveled too far back in time by accident, to a time before Batman had met him or knew who he was. Nonetheless, Flash issued his brief warning of the war, and stressed the importance of Batman finding and founding the Justice League, right before he was pulled out of the timestream.[2]


  • Speed Force Conduit: Barry can access the Speed Force, which grants him even more abilities than simply speed.
    • Superhuman Speed: The Flash can move at speeds fast enough to rip holes in time.
    • Flash showing his face

      Future Flash's message to Batman.

      Time-Travel: Flash can run fast enough to break through the fabric of the space-time continuum, using the cosmic treadmill and with the help of Cyborg's calculations,[6] the Flash from an alternate future traveled back to warn Batman of the potential danger Darkseid poses, showing Bruce a vision of the Knightmare future.


  • Flash Suit: In an alternate future where Superman becomes a tyrant of Earth under the control of the Anti-Life Equation, Barry wears a more mechanical version of the suit designed by Bruce Wayne.[6] This suit is more heavily armored and streamlined, while also having a retractable face shield that allows Barry to smash through obstacles without sustaining damage.
  • Cosmic Treadmill: Cyborg, the Batman, and the Flash built the cosmic treadmill, which utilizes the Flash's speed to access the Speed Force and travel through time and stop Darkseid and Superman's conquest of Earth.





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