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"Not every problem has a solution. Sometimes we just have to let go."
―Flash to his counterpart[src]

Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen is a former student at Central City College who was struck by a bolt of lightning one fateful night, gaining the ability to think and move at incredible superhuman speeds. Using these powers, he became a superhero in Central City known as The Flash, fighting against criminals like Captain Boomerang while trying his best to keep a low profile in the process. He is also desperate to prove his father's innocence for the grisly murder of his mother.

He was eventually discovered and subsequently monitored by supergenius Lex Luthor and was then later recruited by Bruce Wayne to be a member of the Justice League in order to help defend Earth after the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.

Following his recruitment to the team, Flash played a pivotal role in the resurrection of Superman. With the team now fully assembled, Flash greatly contributed to the successful assault against the forces of General Steppenwolf of Apokolips, forcing the alien invasion to retreat from Earth. Afterward, Barry was hired for a position at the Central City Police Department's crime lab, much to his imprisoned father's delight.

Later, he used the Speed Force to travel across the multiverse, and, at some point during his travels, met another version of himself, from a different universe. Allen eventually went with the Justice League to help the 11th Street Kids at Coverdale Ranch fight the butterflies, but the 11th Street Kids had already finished off the threat.

Later, Barry got a new suit that materializes itself when he wears a ring with the symbol of the Flash. He began to be trained by Bruce Wayne, while dealing with new criminals like Girder, Tarpit and the Top, and his co-workers Patty Spivot, David Singh and Albert Desmond.

Seeking to travel back in time to avoid his father's arrest, Allen traveled back in time to prevent his mother's death, though he ended up trapped in an alternate 2013, meeting a younger version of himself, which he helped gain his powers when Dru-Zod attacked Earth, so he and his other version allied with an alternate Batman and Supergirl to stop Zod, causing the deaths of his companions. As the Flashes rewound the past to reverse events, they were confronted by a future version called Dark Flash, who with so many attempts to save his comrades, endangered the Multiverse, causing his counterpart to sacrifice himself to stop him, and with Flash reversing his mistake by letting his mother die. When Allen returned to the present to attend to the release of his father, he ended up meeting another alternate Bruce Wayne.


Early Life

"This question is stupid. How many calculations can you think of with an answer of 24? There are a bajillion answers. How I am supposed to fit them all?"
"You are right. There are a bajillion anwers to this question. Not every problem has a solution. Sometimes you just have to let go."
―Barry Allen and Nora Allen[src]
Young Barry Allen

Barry has fun with his mother.

Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen was born around 1995 in Central City, Ohio to Nora and Henry Allen. During his childhood, Barry often played in the yard, running around while his parents watched, and formed a strong bond with his mother, who often called him "monkey" and even gave him a stuffed monkey.[5]

Murder of Nora Allen

"He does visit his father... in prison, for murdering his mother."
"Young Barry always protested his father's innocence, but he was nine and nobody listened to him."
Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne[src]

In 2004, Barry accompanied Nora to the supermarket but forget to buy a can of tomato, with which Nora made her favorite sauce, before returning home to do a mathematical equations assignment, becoming frustrated by not knowing how to solve it. He explained his situation to Nora for not finding a solution, he would receive advice from his mother which was that not every problem has a solution and sometimes you just have to let go. Because he forgot the tomato can, Nora entrusted Henry to look for a can only for Barry to start to play with his parents in the kitchen before starting to dance and play with his mother to the rhythm of the song Pedro Navaja.

The Flash Trailer 015

Barry sees his mother die.

Some time later, inside his room, Barry tried to solve his math problem before hearing a scream from the kitchen, being quickly called by Henry, whom he saw through the window and in horror, Barry saw his bloodied mother, receiving Henry's request for help to call the police. Because no one believed that it was another individual who killed his mother because he was a minor, Henry was wrongly framed by the police, sentencing him to a life sentence in Iron Heights Penitentiary.

Growing up, Barry was teased by his classmates because Henry was framed as a murderer. Motivate, he began studying criminal law at Central City College in hopes of one day clearing his father's name and freeing him from prison, visiting him occasionally to talk about the jobs he was getting.[6] During his studies, Barry befriended and fell in love with his classmate Iris West, who also had an attraction for him.[5]

Central City's Hero

Struck by Lightning

"This is where i was sitting. [...] I had just opened those windows to clear out the fumes. [...] And i was sitting in that chair, and i was right under this shelf of chemicals. And that's when the lightning hits."
―Barry Allen to Young Barry[src]

While working at the Central City Research Center as a student, one night, Barry was conducting research, leaving the windows open, being close to some chemicals, until he was struck by lightning which granted him the ability to access the Speed Force, allowing him to move, think, act and vibrate his body at inhuman speeds. With his newfound abilities, Barry decided to become a vigilante in Central City, using a heat-resistant silicon and quartz base to make a special suit for himself to keep his identity a secret.[6][5]

Black Zero Event

"I had just gotten my powers. This thing, Zod's World Engine, it started destroying Metropolis so I just went there and I started trying to save people. [...] There was this kid and I... I got him, but then... I couldn't get his dad. [...] It was all i could do, save that one kid."
―Barry Allen to Young Barry[src]
Flash saves in Metropolis

Flash makes his first save during the Black Zero Event in Metropolis.

In 2013, Barry was adding the final details to his suit, before General Dru-Zod and the Sword of Rao began terraforming the Earth with the World Engine, so Barry went to Metropolis to help the people. unsuccessfully, watching as a child tried to help his injured father and managed to save the kid, however, he was unable to rescue his father, using his speed to prevent a vehicle from falling on them. The event left Barry traumatized after Superman defeated Zod and began taking his vigilante actions more seriously, modifying his suit.[5]

Monitored by Lex Luthor

Flash security footage

Barry before taking down the assailant.

In 2015, Barry was buying food at a grocery store when he heard a robber pointing and threatening a cashier at the counter with his gun. With his super speed, Barry ran towards him and pushed him in one-thirtieth of a second, while his trail of electric rays caused the lights to flicker momentarily. Lex Luthor, in his investigation to prove the existence of Metahumans, obtained security camera recordings of the event.[7]

Apprehending Captain Boomerang

"No honor among thieves, eh?"
―Flash to Captain Boomerang[src]

After a series of robberies carried out by Australian criminal George Harkness caught Flash's attention, Boomerang was successfully arrested on their first encounter, but tricked Flash into being released by convincing him that he had, in fact, impersonated him. In his next encounter, Boomerang managed to knock out Flash and tie him to a rocket that he sent into Earth's atmosphere. Fortunately, Flash managed to free himself from the rocket as it began to descend, and proceeded to capture Boomerang.[8]

Flash stops Boomerang

Flash finds and stops Captain Boomerang.

While planning a series of multiple robberies at the Central City Diamond Exchange with an associate, Boomerang betrayed him by throwing a boomerang at him to knock him out, taking all of his merchandise with him. At that, Flash appeared in front of the criminal, mentioning the dishonor that existed in Boomerang. With that said, Flash proceeded to knock him down and leave for him to be arrested and sent to Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary.[1]

Rescuing Iris West

"Oh, gosh. I hope everyone's okay. See, in times of crisis, for dog work, I always bring a meat snack. 'Cause it makes them feel calm. 'Cause you never know what's gonna happen in this city. I mean, oh, my gosh."
―Barry Allen to Central Bark worker[src]
Barrys runs into Iris

Barry briefly runs into Iris.

In order to get a new job to pay his tuition at Central City College, Barry headed to Central Bark Doggy Day care. On the bus on the way, Barry was delayed due to an old woman who was counting the coins for her fare to get on, so a desperate Barry begged to let him get on. As he entered the store, recanting his delay, Barry tried to pet a dog that proceeded to bark at him, before briefly bumping into Iris West, with whom he exchanged glances for a few moments.

Barry caresses Iris

Barrys observes and rescues Iris.

When he approached the worker, Barry attempted to explain the reason for his tardiness in a comical manner, before handing her his tousled and destroyed resume, while continuing to watch Iris through the window. After the worker asked Barry about his experience for the employment, Iris, about to leave in her car, suddenly crashed into a truck driven by a distracted driver, throwing her from her vehicle. Immediately, Barry activated his super speed, broke his sneakers and ran through and breaking the glass of the place.

Barry after rescuing Iris

Barry before dissapearing in front of Iris.

Upon being in front of Iris, Barry carefully observed and caressed her face, before observing a floating sausage and proceeding to put it in his pocket. He then grabbed her arms and slowly carried her to a safe area so that she would be safe as the car fell on its side and overturned, exploding. Upon reconsideration, Iris watched in amazement as Barry, who, frightened, returned to the premises and was observed by the worker calmly giving snacks to the dogs, much to her dismay.[6]

War for Earth

Recruited by Bruce Wayne

"Stop right there. I'm in."
"You are? Just like that?"
"Yeah, I need... friends."
―Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne[src]
Barry visits his father (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Barry talks with his father.

Barry visited Henry in prison to talk about his new job, but he was upset because he had four jobs that weren't useful. Barry reminded him that he required money to get his degree in criminal law, even though his father admitted his guilt. Father and son began to argue until they both joined hands, as Henry gave Barry advice on how to let go of the past to create his future. Shortly afterward the guards took Henry to his cell. Barry kept thinking about his father's phrase.

Upon reaching his hideout, Barry turned on the lights, but was surprised by Bruce Wayne, who came to recruit him. To hide his identity, Barry tried to trick Bruce, since he had broken into his house without permission. Barry tried to lie about his suit by lying that he practiced ice skating and mentioned that he had various skills, but Bruce knew he was lying. When Bruce threw a batarang, Barry used his powers and observed the batarang, which caused him to discover that Bruce was actually Batman.

Barry holding Bruce's batarang (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Barry holding Bruce's batarang.

Surprised, Barry admitted that he had speed powers. While Bruce offered him to join his team of super people, he immediately accepted, since he needed friends, and asked Bruce if he could keep his batarang. The duo left the lair with pizza and Barry was surprised as they were going on a jet. Barry asked Bruce about his power, which he responded with "I'm rich".

After landing in Gotham City, Barry and Bruce met up with Diana, who was actually Wonder Woman. After being introduced by Bruce, Barry was surprised by Diana and made a fool of her upon meeting her. Barry, Bruce and Diana saw the Bat Signal, something that made Barry excited, since it was Bruce's signal, but he acted discreetly so that Bruce's secret identity would not be revealed.[6]

Skirmish under Gotham Harbor

"Right. Uh... Is there- Is there a plan? Either of you?"
"Don't engage alone. We do this together."
―Flash and Wonder Woman[src]
Barry joins a meeting with Commissioner Gordon (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Barry joins a meeting with Commissioner Gordon.

Meeting with Commissioner Gordon, the three were joined by Victor Stone, whose father was one of the S.T.A.R. Labs scientists kidnapped by the Parademons. The group managed to figure out that the scientists were being rallied underground at Gotham Harbor, thanks to Victor. As the group arrived, they witnessed Steppenwolf mercilessly murder one of the scientists after she did not reveal the location of a Mother Box. As the League began their attack, Barry began rescuing the rest of the hostages before joining in the fight against the Parademons.

Flash returns Wonder Woman's sword (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Flash returns Wonder Woman's sword.

When Barry returned to the fight, Diana has lost hold of her sword, so Flash used his speed to move the hilt back to her grasp. Distracted by his accomplishment, Barry lost his footing and tumbled to the ground below. As Steppenwolf approached them, Barry was grazed in the leg by a Parademon blast and was nearly taken before being saved by Diana. However, Steppenwolf proved to be too strong for the ragtag team to handle, catching a missile fired from the Knightcrawler and using it to flood the area before escaping. Luckily, Aquaman saved them by slowing the tide with his trident, allowing Barry and the others to get to safety.[6]

Resurrection of Superman

"I know we're all thinking the same thing right now. Who's gonna say it? I'm not gonna say it."
―Barry Allen to the Justice League[src]

The League regrouped in the Batcave to plan their next move. After discovering the capabilities of the Mother Box in Cyborg's possession, the team decided to use the Genesis Chamber in the Kryptonian ship along with the Mother Box to resurrect Superman. (They believed that bringing him back not only completed the team but also increased their odds of defeating Steppenwolf.) As a result, Victor and Barry dug up Clark's grave, with the pair noting the abnormality in their task and bonding over their powers.

Flash avoids Superman's punches (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Flash avoids Superman's punches.

After exhuming Superman's body, the team submerged the Kryptonian and Barry fired off an electrical charge that energized the Box, whose restorative energy field healed and revived the fallen hero. However, Superman awakened disoriented and, believing them to be hostile, attacked the League, who were all but powerless against him. While Superman held back Diana, Arthur, and Victor simultaneously, Barry attempted to flank him, though this tactic quickly proved to be for naught, as Superman could almost keep up with Barry's speed, much to his terrified amazement. Flash, in haste, attempted to evade Superman's attacks but was knocked into the wall of the memorial and incapacitated.[6]

Battle of Pozharnov

"Okay... Just gotta go faster than the speed of light, far beyond the speed of light, you gotta break the rule, Barry and you gotta do it now!"
Flash in Speedforce (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

Flash in Speed Force.

The team returned to the Batcave where Cyborg figured out Steppenwolf's plan. The team made a plan to take down Steppenwolf and stop the Unity, in which Barry played a key part. Because of Silas' sacrifice, the League was able to pinpoint Steppenwolf's location in the abandoned town located in Russia. Barry and the League took off in the Flying Fox to face the Apokoliptian. Upon arriving, Barry and the others observed as Batman led the Parademons away and took down the shield surrounding Steppenwolf's base. Barry was then tasked with running laps around the facility to build up a charge, which was required to get Cyborg into the boxes. He was shot by a Parademon and had to take a few seconds to heal, but it was too late. The Unity formed, and the world was scorched, turning into an extension of Apokolips, with a Boom Tube opening to allow Darkseid to take full control of the boxes. Barry began witnessing the destruction of Earth and then remembered that he could reverse time to save the world. Realizing that all life on Earth would be destroyed, Barry broke his one rule: going faster than the Speed of Light. As he ran, time reversed to the point just before the Unity was activated, and he managed to send Cyborg into the boxes, and after destabilizing the boxes, Cyborg and Superman separated them, preventing the Unity and saving Earth. A defeated but still determined Steppenwolf attempted to attack the League only to be impaled by Aquaman, punched by Superman into the portal, and decapitated by Wonder Woman. Flash rejoined the team as they all got a glimpse of the alien tyrant before the Boom Tube closed.[6]

A New World

Forensic Sciencist

"It's actually the worst job you can get in a crime lab. But, uh, my foot's in the door."
"Is this like a job-job?"
"Job job."
―Barry Allen and Henry Allen[src]Determined to investigate and stop crime in Central City, Barry joined as a forensic scientist at the Central City Police Department. Upon receiving the job, Barry met with his father in prison to inform him of his new job as a scientist, mentioning that he now "had one foot in the door." Henry laughed at the term his son used before congratulating him on his new job; Barry thanked him for all his help.

Finally being at peace with himself knowing that his father was proud of him, Flash began to run pleasantly through the streets of Central City, feeling happy to now be in charge of defending his city. Now with his new job, Barry could investigate and stop various crimes legally and officially. There, he met his co-workers Patty Spivot and Albert Desmond, as well as his professor and boss, Dr. David Singh, to whom he brought coffee every day. Barry regularly went to Filby's Café, where Sara had prepared her sandwich for him before he went to work.

Multiversal Travel

"Uh... hello? What the hell is this?"
"I'm asking myself the same question... literally."
―Flash and Flash[src]
The Barrys Shake Hands

Barry meets Barry inside the Speed Force.

Eventually, Barry wound up in a memory of S.T.A.R. Labs from another Earth by accessing the Speed Force, and accidentally coming across that universe's version of himself in the process. Confused, he asked the other Barry Allen where he was and what was happening, to which the other Barry said he did not know. He then asked the other Barry if his suit was a cosplay and if he wanted a selfie, to which the other Flash said no, exclaiming that he was also the Flash. Barry was confused by this name that the other Barry had given himself but took a liking to it. The other Barry said that the situation was complicated, and then the two Barrys complimented each other's suits, but then they both quickly stood back awkwardly and shook hands, both saying "I'm Barry Allen" in unison, which freaked them both out. The other Barry said that their encounter should be impossible now, to which Barry asked why, not knowing what he meant. The other Barry was taken aback by Barry's unknowing of the Crisis that was occurring in the Multiverse. Before the other Barry could explain the situation any further, Barry faded out while saying that he had told Victor Stone this was possible.[9]

Project Butterfly

"I'm so fucking sick of that rumor."
"It's not a rumor."
"Fuck you, Barry."
Aquaman and Flash[src]
Flash meets Peacemaker

Flash claims the rumors about Aquaman are true.

In January 2021, Leota Adebayo informed her boss and mother Amanda Waller about the current crisis point with the Butterfly alien invasion. She suggested that Waller calls in the Justice League. Barry, along with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, did eventually get informed about the crisis and managed to make it to the site of Coverdale Ranch just as the Peacemaker and the rest of the 11th Street Kids were heading out of the site. Peacemaker told the League that they were late and mocked Aquaman about the rumors of him having intercourse with fish which made him express his distaste for the rumor, leading Flash to jokingly say that it was not a rumor, much to his teammate's irritation.[10]

Ambush on Sally's Showcase Amusement Park

"Wow, I didn't expect the mafia to be carrying a living steel wall."
"I bet you weren't expecting a beating either!"
―Flash and Girder[src]
Flash fights agaisnt the criminals

Flash surprises the criminals.

Months later, Flash continued his work as a vigilante, discovering an arms deal orchestrated by Vincent Inzerillo and Broome at Sally's Showcase Amusement Park, hearing that by not being in Gotham City, Batman would not be able to stop them, so he surprised the dealers, commenting on not being a fan of guns, and introduced himself as the Flash, taunting Vincent that Batman would be angry to find out that he went to Central City, before beginning to dodge the other criminals.

Flash is defeated by Girder

Flash is defeated by Girder.

Thanks to his speed, Flash was able to hold off the criminals until Vincent called Girder, impressing Flash, who joked about how the mob was transporting a "living metal wall", but he sidelined Girder to try to stop Vincent and Broome. Flash confronted Girder, landing some blows, causing Flash great pain, receiving a heavy blow from Girder. Defeated, Flash became frustrated by his failed fight, suffering in agony from his ribs.[4]

Attacked by Girder

"Do you want to take this outside? Maybe somewhere with less money to steal and fewer lives in danger."
"I'm not here to rob the bank, Flash. I'm here for you!"
―Flash and Girder[src]
Barry talks with Patty

Barry talks with Patty about the paperwork.

Barry took a coffee break as he strolled the streets of Central City, checking in with his colleague Patty Spivot for the delivery of his paperwork to the lab with Albert Desmond, promising to arrive early until he saw the door to the bank vault fly and, closed his call with Patty to dodge it. With his speed, Flash quickly saved a civilian to return to his hideout to search for his suit.

Flash is detained by Girder

Flash is tortured by Girder.

Heading to the bank, Flash apologized for delaying a team, finding several guards dead, and was surprised by Girder. Flash tried to resist in the fight and mocked him for trying to rob a bank, but Girder confessed not wanting to steal money, as he just wanted him dead. Despite having thrown several things at him, Flash got tired of not hurting him, and Girder squeezed him hard to try to kill him, destroying his suit a little, although Flash luckily managed to free himself, fleeing from the villain to seek help.[4]

Trained by Bruce Wayne

"Do you want to see what I'm made of, Bruce? How about this!"
―Barry Allen to Bruce Wayne[src]
Flash stops The Jacks

Flash stops the leader of The Jacks.

Seeking help to strengthen his powers, Flash traveled to Gotham City to seek help from Bruce Wayne, stopping The Jacks, mockingly apologizing to the leader of the criminal gang as he needed to speak to Batman. Meeting with the vigilante, Flash explained his beef against Girder, who easily defeated him twice and Batman agreed to teach Flash how to fight, who thanked him for agreeing, heading to the Batcave, while Batman arrested The Jacks.

Barry trains with Bruce

Barry is trained by Bruce.

Inside the Batcave, Barry greeted Alfred Pennyworth, discovering that he was working with micro-compression technology to create a new, stronger suit for him and saw Bruce arrive, asking him to learn Judo or Krav Maga, which Bruce denied in order to teach him the basics. Beginning his training, Barry read Ted Grant's Boxing Guide, telling Bruce the reason why he decided to help people after losing his mother and his father's imprisonment, before beginning his fight with Bruce, dodging his attacks.

Barry discovers his sonic punch

Barry destroys a boxing bag with his sonic punch.

While bragging that he was stronger by being fast, Barry was hit several times by Bruce, who humiliated Barry to unleash his inner fury, causing Barry to run fast enough, destroying a boxing bag and his glove, surprising both, starting to discuss how to master his new skill with some practice. Despite Bruce's warnings, Barry tried his sonic punch again, destroying a hatch in the Batcave, angering Bruce, apologizing to him for going too far.[4]

Battle at the Central City Police Department

"The Flash's story is not over... It's just the beginning... The life I had, the people I lost and the ones I can still save. This is not over. I just need to keep running."
Flash receives his ring

Flash receives a ring with his new suit.

After preparing, Flash and Batman prepared to stop Girder, who was attacking the Central City Police Department, so Flash headed first, saving some guards until being confronted by Girder, taking several damage again while Batman protected the rest of the civilians. Giving up, Barry confessed that Flash had left because he couldn't stop Girder, but Batman gave him advice because it was only the beginning of his story, giving him a special ring with a new suit made by him and Alfred Pennyworth.

Flash bravely fights agaisnt Girder

Flash argues with Girder about his father.

Running at maximum speed to save Batman, Flash remembered his childhood, the death of his mother, the arrest of his father and the Battle of Pozharnov against the Parademons, noting that all these events were helpful for his start as a hero, opening his ring, unlocking his new suit and attacking Girder on his head. With his new suit, Flash bragged about being the greatest hero ever seen, fighting Girder while talking to him about his deal with Vincent Inzerillo for the well-being of his father and attempted to offer his help to the criminal.

Flash defeats Girder

Flash attacks Girder with his sonic punch.

Flash took Girder to a part of the city where there would be no injuries, considering that their confrontation will be different than the last two times, running at high speed to charge his sonic blow into his chest, damaging his steel skin, as well as than to his fists, pain that Flash expressed, finally defeating Girder. Watching Girder's arrest, Flash thanked Batman for all his help, thanking him for the comfort of the suit and how he learned to control his punch.

Flash talks with Girder about his father

Flash meets Girder in Iron Heights.

When Batman asked if he needed anything else, Flash asked his friend for one last favor, which was to contribute money for Girder's Father's cure as he felt sorry for him, a favor that Batman accepted. Days later, Flash went to Iron Heights Penitentiary, meeting with Girder to inform him that his father was in good health, revealing that he only wanted good for everyone, even people like him, even though Girder tried to kill him several times, since Flash had hope with him, an act that Girder appreciated.

Flash prepares for his new adventures

Flash gets ready to stop the criminals.

Shortly after, Flash went to a rooftop, meeting Bruce again, who was surprised to see him saving the world now as a more mature hero and Flash expressed his happiness for his new stage as a vigilante because he will be able to help more people in need because he will not never run away again, before witnessing an explosion in the city. At Bruce's suggestion to go ahead, Flash prepared to arrest the perpetrators.[4] Shortly after, Barry would go to Bruce, whom he gave a USB, to ask for his help and use Wayne Enterprises' technology to prove that Henry was in the store during Nora's murder.[5]

Finding a Balance

Job Problems

"Between this, Flash... and dad... I just have to multi-task better, right?"
Barry Allen[src]
Flash attacks the Monteleone Crime Family

Flash attacks the Monteleone family thug.

Upon learning of a drug shipment at the Central City docks, which was linked to the Monteleone Crime Family, Flash delayed arriving at work to confront the criminal organization, taking down the vast majority of the thugs, leaving only one thug, politely asking him to drop his gun, though the thug unsuccessfully attempted to kill him and ended up taking the thug down. With his duty completed, Flash contacted the Central City Police Department to take the criminals away, quickly leaving so as not to be late.

Barry is annoyed by Albert and Patty

Barry is annoyed by Albert.

Making it to the Central City Research Center, Barry was able to get ready, greeting his colleagues Patty Spivot and Albert Desmond, who chided him for his tardiness, though Barry claimed he was delayed because of his neighbor's dog, receiving a lecture from Patty about how his job was getting harder since the Flash's appearance. Barry asked for his share of the work, however, Patty revealed that they finished his paperwork for him and left him with no cases to solve, frustrating Barry, receiving an order from a mocking Albert to bring his burgers to Big Belly Burger and bring several boxes to the files room.

Barry talks to David in his office

Barry argues with David about the chase.

Barry attempted to carry the boxes to the files room, which he didn't know where it was as he dealt with his problems between his job, his duty as the Flash, and Henry's liberation, causing him to bump into his professor David Singh. When he ran into David, Barry apologized about his regular tardiness, listening to David talk about how he would have to be removed from his internship program if he continued to miss, something Barry clearly understood, before seeing a live chase. To his surprise, Barry saw his hand begin to act strange, deciding to leave without the boxes to deal with the threat.[11]

Skirmish in Central City

"I have to... I have to stop him... I have to get back to work... I have to... What's happening to me?!"
"If you're trying to play possum on by being pathetic, it's working. Now hold still. You're going to want me to make this quick."
―Flash and Tarpit[src]
Flash loses control of his phasing

Flash tries to control his phasing.

Arriving just in time to the Central City Police Department's chase against the Monteleone Crime Family, Flash assisted the cops in pursuing the criminals, wondering the point of robbing a truck for no money until being ambushed by the powerful Tarpit and his oil powers, causing Flash to unsuccessfully try to evade his attacks while suffering due to his injuries, stating that he must finish off Tarpit in order to get back to work, becoming stressed out by all the situations happening to him, causing him to phase out again and his hands to pass through the ground, confusing him and Tarpit, who thought Flash was mocking him.

Flash loses control in his fight agaisnt Tarpit

Flash loses control of his speed.

Flash attempted to control his newfound power as Tarpit prepared to kill him, however, Flash was able to get his hands out in time, managing to weaken Tarpit, crashing into a couple's car, asking them to escape to a safe place until he accidentally blew up the car when he tried to run, growing frustrated at not being able to control his vibrations, realizing that Tarpit and his subordinates had already escaped, so he headed towards his hideout to understand his new abilities.[11]

Advised by his Father

"What am I supposed to do about it? I can't quit my part-time job. It's important. But I can't quit on the crime lab either... and I can't quit on you. It's just too much to do all at once."
"Then don't do it all at once. No one said you had to. Just take it one problem at a time and focus on the now."
―Barry Allen and Henry Allen[src]
David scolds Barry

Barry is scolded by David.

Back in his hideout, Barry began recording audio to begin experimenting with his newfound derangement, realizing that he vibrated when his molecules turned into solid matter, researching that he could make an object explode if his molecules were fully excited and attempted to find a way to control his vibrations so as not to hurt anyone before receiving a message from David Singh and when trying to take his phone, Barry accidentally destroyed it, so he met up with David in his office, where he was harassed by Albert Desmond. Since he did not know what was wrong with him, David told Barry that he would have to remove him from the intern program if he continued like this, worrying Barry, receiving advice from David to ask for advice from someone who understands him.

Barry talks with Henry about his life's balance

Barry is advised by Henry to master his vibrations.

Barry headed to Iron Heights Penitentiary to talk to Henry about how he couldn't control his body, calling himself an idiot for not balancing his job as a forensic intern, his "part-time job", and his desire to free his body, thinking all the stress would kill him, but Henry told him that he should take all his problems at once and not so fast, despite Barry claiming that his job was important and began to worry about not achieving his goals, starting to vibrate again. After his father told him that he should focus on one goal, Barry placed his hand on the glass to feel his father, managing to stop vibrating and thanked Henry for the inspiring advice.[11]

Attack on the Central City Bridge

"Wh-What the heck happened? You blew a hole right through me! Are you nuts?"
"Me? You're the walking tar monster throwing a temper tantrum. Why don't you just give up now before you embarrass yourself some more?"
Tarpit and Flash[src]
Flash saves the civilians from Tarpit

Flash saves the civilians with his phase shift.

After leaving Iron Heights Penitentiary, Barry received a call from David Singh before seeing something was going on, so following Henry's advice, Barry decided to do his duty as the Flash, taking his suit out of the ring to head to the Central City Bridge, meeting up with Tarpit again, whom he unsuccessfully attempted to calm down. Flash was tasked with saving the civilians when Tarpit threw a car, containing a mother and her son, so Flash looked for a way to help them after seeing that the car was stuck and by controlling his phase shift, he was able to save the mother and her son, phase shifting them through the car, celebrating for controlling his power.

Flash defeats Tarpit

Flash manages to knock down Tarpit.

After getting all the civilians to safety, Flash finally confronted Tarpit, showing him what he was capable of, running at high speed, dodging his attacks and then delivering a super sonic blast that destroyed his chest, mocking how Tarpit was trapped on the bridge, though Tarpit prepared another trick, launching another attack on a cable on the bridge, which Flash was able to repair and destroy the boat Tarpit was going to escape in. Running quickly through the water, Flash was able to create a giant wave against Monteleone, causing him to melt and watched as Tarpit's brother Jack Monteleone was arrested alongside him, mockingly bidding farewell to his enemy.

Barry thanks Henry for his help

Barry thanks Henry for his advices.

Barry changed back into his civilian clothes as he could now take care of his work, knowing that he would have another chance to pursue his studies. Over the next few days, Barry was able to quickly complete the cases sent by David Singh, thus redeeming his late arrivals by receiving new cases to investigate. A week later, Barry returned to Iron Heights to tell Henry of his progress in receiving better cases, gladdening his father who was happy that he had time to visit him as Barry claimed that he will always have time to see him and they joined hands again before Barry returned to the lab.

Barry mocks Patty and Albert

Barry surprises Patty and Albert

Much to the surprise of his colleagues, Barry arrived at the lab early, proving that he managed to complete all of his cases, bragging to Patty Spivot and Albert Desmond, who reacted with amazement to see that he also completed their work, as well as bringing breakfast, earning David Singh's respect and accepting the request to take the files to the Central City Police Department. As he walked through the streets, Barry noticed that there was a crime in progress and after remembering his father, he enlisted to stop a robbery at Isotope Secure Data Solutions, leaving after leaving a sticker on the thieves.[11]

Learning New Lessons

Discussion with his Father

"The whole reason I went into forensic science was to help people like you."
"That's not the whole reason. There's a difference between helping people and helping yourself. Don't let that cloud what really matters."
―Barry Allen and Henry Allen[src]
Flash fights agaisnt X-51

Flash fights agaisnt X-51.

Weeks later, Barry learned of an attack on Central City Advanced Robotics and headed to the scene to rescue a group of scientists, who were then attacked by the out-of-control robot, X-51. Flash was able to rescue the scientists before confronting X-51, dodging him at top speed until finding a way to defeat him, snatching the thing that was making X-51 go out of control, discovering that it was a technological spinning top, being informed by the scientists that the same person also stole weapons and Flash did not consider the criminal a threat, mentioning that he probably will not return after his failure.

Barry argues with Henry for his opinion on Flash

Barry argues with Henry.

Following his victory, Barry went to Iron Heights Penitentiary to tell Henry how he continued to solve important cases involving the Flash, stating that with all his effort, he could eventually become a forensic for the Central City Police Department, having faith that when that happens, he will be able to get his father out of prison, though Henry mentioned that quite a few people have tried to help with his case to no avail, frustrating Barry when he stressed that he started studying forensic science to help people like him, despite Henry trying to explain to him the difference between helping people and helping himself. Barry bid his father farewell to him and returned to work, smiling as a child praised the Flash, something that encouraged Barry.[12]

Attack in Central City

"Listen pal, I don't know how you spin your body like that or where those murder toys came from, but I'm over it. You might be new in the town, so I'll give you the cliffs notes. I'm the Flash, the fastest man alive. And this is going to be over faster than you think."
"I'm not your pal. Call me the Top. And you're right, this is going to be over faster than you think."
―Flash and Top[src]
Flash runs to the rescue

Flash heads to the city to help the civilians.

At the criminology lab, Barry continued to research the technological spinning top he obtained from Central City Advanced Robotics while arguing with Albert Desmond over who should investigate the case before an earthquake shook the entire building, being alerted by David Singh that a lunatic was throwing bombs all over Central City and under the excuse of helping the others in the building, Barry put on his suit to find the person responsible. Seeing civilians in danger, Flash tried to help them, however, a large blizzard sent Flash flying through the air.

Flash and Top fight

Flash attempts to fight agaisnt the Top.

Flash realized that the one responsible for the attacks was Roscoe Dillon, who threatened all of the city's civilians and former employers to pay him a billion dollars or he would destroy the entire city until Flash stood up, threatening Dillon to surrender, claiming that the battle would be over sooner than he thought, which Dillon understood, attacking Flash with his tops while flying around in a tornado, causing Flash to receive several attacks from Dillon, who became known as "Top", due to trying to dodge his explosives and being thrown towards the same mother and son he previously encountered, stopping so they wouldn't get hurt, but the mother scolded him for nearly killing them.

Top threatens Flash with destroying Central City

Flash listens to Top's threat

When Top showed up, claiming that their fight wasn't over and mentioning that it was time to make history, Flash discovered that Top had implanted giant spinning tops so that he could continue his threat until he received his money, angering Flash, who tried to attack him again to defeat him once and for all, failing in his attempt to hit him and being defeated by Top. Flash, unable to move, listened to Top force him to surrender and reveal his true identity within 24 hours, taunting Flash as he returned to his hideout to find out how he could defeat him and save the city.[12]

Reconciliation with his Father

"The whole city is going to be destroyed if the Flash doesn't give up himself. Even then this madman's probabily still going to do it... and it's all Flash's fault. I... know the Flash. I've worked on a lot of his cases... If he hadn't been such a show-off... such an idiot, then none of this would've ever happened. The city would be safe."
"If you're trying to tell me the city wouldn't have any problems without the Flash, then you're dead wrong. With the world we live in, there's always going to be some dramatic jerk out to hurt people."
"I just wish I could tell him something... Anything that could stop him from giving up. You know?"
―Barry Allen and Henry Allen[src]
Flash trains to defeat Top

Flash begins to train to defeat Top.

Returning to his hideout, Barry continued his recordings to find a way to save people when he faced the Top in 19 hours, thinking that his speed could kill people, deciding to start training and reinforce his skills. Using several mannequins and a training field, Flash ran between the mannequins to dodge the civilians at the moment that Top attacked him with his tops, practicing with various circumstances and testing his skills, but due to losing concentration, Flash destroyed the mannequins, worrying when they began to vibrate uncontrollably, filling him with fear of killing everyone if he did not control his powers.

Barry listens to Henry's advise to not give up

Barry receives advice from his father to not give up agaisnt Top.

Barry returned to Iron Heights Penitentiary to ask Henry for advice, telling him that all of Central City would be destroyed by Top if Flash failed to do his best, stating to his father that he worked with Flash on several cases, mentioning his concern for the fate of the city, which Henry acknowledged with Barry referencing that the city would be in less trouble without Flash and Barry commented that he didn't know what to tell him to not give up. During the talk, Barry received some great advice from Henry, considering him to be the bravest person he knows, telling him that he never gave up and neither should Flash, regardless of how risky the threat to save the city is, advice that Barry appreciated in order to become more confident in himself.[12]

Battle at Central City

"Something wrong, Top?"
"How did you do that?! You should've been running out of control like a renegade pinball!"
"You're not the only one with tricks. Come on Top. Show me what you've got!"
―Flash and Top[src]
Flash confronts Top again

Flash confronts Top again.

Leaving Iron Heights Penitentiary, Barry walked through the streets, making another recording as he thought about revealing his identity to everyone to prevent everyone in Central City from dying if he fought the Top, choosing between him or the city, ending his recording before watching Top threaten Mayor Thompson over the news, watching in happiness as everyone in the city loved him as their hero, inspiring Barry to continue his work as a hero, landing a surprise blow on Dillon as he watched David Singh, Patty Spivot, and Albert Desmond cheer him on in excitement and grew worried when tops began spinning, being challenged by Top to a duel, one which Flash accepted.

Flash tries to help Top

Flash tries to help Top.

Much to his foe's surprise, Flash was able to outspeed him by once again controlling his phase shift, hitting Top with several attacks, unleashing his fury as Flash mocked him, as he possessed new tricks, tricking Top with illusions of himself and Flash was able to destroy the tops launched by Top, protecting the civilians. Seeing that Top was exhausted, Flash tried to offer his help, asking that they could save the city together, considering him a great scientist, but Top refused the offer, creating a giant whirlwind to finish him off, though Flash was able to defeat him, allowing Top to be arrested and then took it upon himself to destroy all of the giant tops, saving the city, and ended up falling into the streets, accidentally destroying half of them.

Barry meets with Henry as Flash

Barry says goodbye to Henry as Flash.

After saving the city, Flash was reunited with the mother and son he saved, who thanked him for protecting the city once again, sharing a hug with the boy, saying goodbye to his fans. With his suit on, Flash entered Henry's cell, who was surprised to see him enter, while Flash told him about how he saw him on the news fail against Top the first time, but stated that thanks to his son's advice, he was able to get better and save the civilians, shaking hands with his father, starting to cry when Henry gave him a great speech. Touched, Flash said goodbye to his father, not realizing that he discovered his identity, to continue with his adventures, now with his new experience as a hero.[12] Eventually, Barry rented an apartment, leaving his hideout.[5]

Attack at the Wayne Foundation Science and Technology Conference

"Speed-Reader! Who am I punching here?"
"Files say these guys were kicked out of the marines for stealing classified information. Specifically, plans for a something called a Meta-Bomb that uses "Apokoliptian residual energies to reprogram DNA."
Aquaman and Flash[src]
Flash saves a scientist from Great White's bullets

Flash protects the scientists from the Aquamarines' gunfire.

When the Aquamarines hijack the Wayne Foundation conference, the Justice League comes to the rescue, with Flash saving the scientists from the mercenaries' bullets, teaming up with Aquaman and Wonder Woman, explaining about the expulsion of the criminals from the navy and his attempt to steal the Meta-Bomb, a bomb from Apokolips that would reprogram the DNA of metahumans, killing them along with several innocents in the process. Flash offered to take the bomb to Antarctica, however, Aquaman chose to throw it far away, preventing the bomb from affecting people. After tying up the Aquamarines, Flash played with Atlan's trident and together with Diana, he reacted with surprise about Arthur and Mera's wedding.[13]

Chase of Al Falcone

"Look, Alfred, I've come to accept that I'm essentially the janitor of the Justice League, which sucks. But I've come to accept it, but I can't help but notice that that it always seem to be a bat-mess that I'm cleaning up."
―Flash to Alfred Pennyworth[src]
Barry receives a call

Barry receives a call from Alfred Pennyworth.

Before leaving for the Central City Research Center, Barry went to Filby's Café to buy his breakfast due to his low metabolism, being served by Sara's understudy, who was late due to various anecdotes, before receiving a call of Alfred Pennyworth, trying to deny any mission, but was informed that a failed robbery occurred at the Gotham General Hospital, although Barry suggested calling other members of the Justice League such as Superman or Wonder Woman, who were indisposed, being him his last option to help Batman.

Flash observes his fans

Flash observes his fans.

Barry ended the call after accepting Alfred's request, asking the understudy how long it would take with the sandwich, realizing that it was taking a long time due to his anecdotes, frustrating Barry and he decided to go to the bathroom to leave the cafeteria in his suit, getting ready. to go to the rescue, however, he was interrupted by a group of fans and tried to ask a fan for his chocolate to calm his metabolism until Alfred put him in contact with Batman to help him in Gotham. Annoyed by his fans, Flash returned to his starting position, running quickly, traversing all of Central City to arrive to Gotham City.

Flash fixing the rupture

Flash fixes the hospital's pipes.

Upon arrival, Flash watched as the hospital began to collapse, endangering several civilians and took it upon himself to rescue several people from a fatal fall, asking Batman why he was not there, discovering that he was sent to protect civilians in the hospital while Batman pursued Al Falcone, who stole a deadly virus and caused the hospital to explode. When the hospital's pipe burst, Flash headed down to the basement, fixing the pipes, and venting his frustration to Alfred for being considered "the League's janitor", a role he refused to continue in order to keep cleaning up the messes.

Flash saving the babies

Flash saves the babies from the hospital.

Flash thought his job was over as he watched his speed get slower until he saw the east wing begin to collapse, acknowledging that Alfred was right, seeing a nurse and several babies fall from the sky. Quickly, Flash activated his speed to move in slow motion, but because he didn't eat anything, his speed was slowing down, worrying about the infants in danger. Flash was able to mobilize towards a food machine to feed himself, managing to get back faster, saving the babies, the nurse and a therapy dog, placing them on a stretcher to carry them to safety, making Alfred proud, and pulling a baby out of a microwave to give it to the nurse.

Flash humiliates himself in front of Wonder Woman

Flash reveals a humiliating secret in front of Batman and Wonder Woman.

After recommending the nurse find a therapist for the experience, Flash headed to the Gotham bridge, meeting up with Batman and Wonder Woman, who had managed to catch Falcone, receiving a compliment from Wonder Woman on his new suit. Flash watched as Batman told the truth about him being bound by the Lasso of Hestia and tried to help his friend, but was embarrassed in front of Wonder Woman by revealing that he never had sex, making the trio uncomfortable. After Wonder Woman left, Flash said goodbye to Batman and returned to Filby's Café, receiving the sandwich and leaving the place in frustration at the worker for the delay.[5]

Meetin Iris West again

"My only official comment is that my dad is innocent."
"Right. I mean, no one would want to believe that their father killed their mother."
"What do you mean, "believe"? My dad shouldn't be in jail. My mom should be alive. It's not about what I believe, It's about what the truth is."
―Barry Allen and Iris West[src]
Barry is reprimanded by David

Barry is reprimanded by David for arriving late.

After having breakfast, Barry headed towards the Central City Research Center, where Patty Spivot and Albert Desmond began to mock him for his tardiness. Barry ran into David Singh, who before letting him speak, made clumsy excuses for his tardiness, but Barry tried to lie, presenting case files, frustrating David by resuming cases that had been going on for three months, berating Barry for not advance. After being scolded, Barry was motivated by David, seeing his potential as a forensic and asking to bring coffee, a request that Barry believed was a joke until he realized that David was serious.

Barry meets Iris again

Barry meets with Iris again at the research center.

Barry proceeded to work in the lab until he was called by Patty and Albert, who showed David's interview about the Johnson case to Barry, even though he continued investigating the evidence, leaving in frustration, while his colleagues mocked him, berating them for not taking the cases seriously. During the discussion, s speedster w recognized Barry, who was nervously surprised to see her again after school and asked Patty and Albert to leave when they made fun of his few friends, telling Iris about his work at the research center, proceeding to walk with Iris.

Barry argues with Iris about Henry's trial

Barry argues with Iris about Henry's innocence.

In the middle of the talk, Barry heard Iris claim that they saw each other years ago, so Barry clarified that he had not seen her since college, hiding about his past rescue. Barry spoke to Iris about Henry's appeal for the next day, discovering that Iris was a reporter, asking if she wanted his opinion because she was a reporter or friend, however, Barry claimed that Henry was innocent and not responsible for Nora's murder. and tried to clarify that what was important was what really happened, although Iris awkwardly tried to apologize for not trusting him, but Barry chose to withdraw due to his situation.[5]

Discovering the Chronobowl

"I had a friend run the old security camera footage from the store through this new program he's developed. And it's crystal clear now. It's just... you never look up, dad. You can't see your face. So, without new evidence to support your alibi, we're just gonna need to start thinking about the next appeal."
"No, uh-uh. You need to stop worrying about your old man. Do that, you might actually have time for a girlfriend."
"But dad! I don't want..."
"We've done this before. This was a last-ditch effort and we'll go through the motions tomorrow. I'm okay, really. You know, sometimes I even think it's probabily easier for me to be in here than out there, without her."
―Barry Allen and Henry Allen[src]
The Flash Trailer 005

Barry talks to Henry about the glitch in the video.

Returning to his apartment, Barry found an envelope sent by Bruce Wayne, who returned the USB, asking for forgiveness because the camera could not identify Henry's face in the store. After watching the video, Barry received a call from Henry, talking about his few outings and his brief meeting with Iris West, surprising Henry, who asked Barry to take her out on a date. However, Barry told Henry that in the store video, he never showed his face, suggesting holding another appeal trial, however, Henry refused, stating that tomorrow's appeal would be the final attempt, preferring to continue in Iron Heights Penitentiary than to be free and know that Nora was dead.

The Flash Trailer 001

Flash remembers his childhood trauma.

Overwhelmed by the thought that his father could not be free, Barry put on his suit, running to his old house, where, while Henry remembered the beautiful family life, he silently observed the day when Nora sent Henry to the store a can of tomatoes, the last time he played with her and the moment she was murdered by an unknown subject, with Henry asking Barry to find the police. Flash shed tears after remembering his childhood, before the call between him and Henry ended, so Flash decided to vent all his frustrations by starting to run through Central City.

Flash Floating Head

Flash discovers the Chronobowl.

Flash ran at full speed, surpassing his limits and entering the Speed Force, where his reality began to slowly warp until he was able to enter the Chronobowl, a temporal plane of the Speed Force. Surprised, Flash watched as memories of his day manifested themselves, from him going to Filby's Café, his rescue of the babies at Gotham General Hospital, and his late arrival at the Central City Research Center. Flash stopped running and tried to understand his stay, peeking his head into an area of the Chronobowl, briefly traveling back in time when he rescued the babies and quickly walking away, discovering that he can travel in time.[5]

Discussion with Bruce Wayne

"I could fix things."
"You could also destroy everything."
"I could save her. I could save both of them. I... could save your parents."
"Barry, these scars we have make us who we are. We're not meant to go back and fix them. And there's nothing broken with you that needs to be fixed. Take it from an old guy who's made a lot of mistakes. Don't live your past. Live your life. Don't let your tragedy define you."
―Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne[src]
Barry argues with Bruce about preventing Nora's death

Barry debates with Bruce about changing the past.

After leaving the Chronobowl, Barry met with Bruce Wayne near his apartment, telling him about his time travel, comparing the event to how he did it in Pozharnov, but Bruce recognized that Barry's new ability could be risky due to major changes to the timeline by a butterfly effect, although Barry claimed that he could save Nora, as could Bruce's parents. Despite the possibility, Bruce advised Barry not to relive his wounds and learn to heal, mentioning that Barry should not let his tragedy define him, making Barry reflect, who invited Bruce to a dinner, an offer he rejected, commenting that they would go another time.

Barry takes Iris to his apartment

Barry invites Iris to his apartment.

Before entering his apartment, Barry saw Iris West appear, expressing his fascination with Bruce's car and he commented that it was an Uber. When Iris asked to speak with him, Barry quickly cleaned his apartment, welcoming Iris, who watched in surprise as several of Barry's objects fell. Barry offered Iris a beer, but without having any, he wandered over to the neighboring apartment, stealing a couple of beers and sat across from Iris, listening to his apology for not being sensitive to his case, while Barry responded nervously. During the talk, Barry told Iris that he was studying forensic criminology to fix the system to free Henry and prove his innocence, a sentiment that Iris shared.

Barry figures out how to save Nora

Barry devises a plan to prevent Nora's death.

Barry began to think that he may be able to fix what happened, just by warning him of what is going to happen, confusing Iris. While thinking with Iris, Barry searched for a way to save Nora, remembering that she sent Henry to buy the can of tomatoes before the real murderer entered the house and using that theory, Barry realized that he could make Nora had the tomato can to keep Henry at home, since he wouldn't have to be seen, thanking Iris for the suggestion. Barry left the apartment to carry out his plan, but returned briefly, mentioning his liking for the date they had, suggesting they should eventually have another one.[5]

Altering the Timeline


"Hi, mom. Don't forget the tomatoes. See you soon."
―Flash to Nora Allen[src]
Flash prevents Nora's death

Flash adds the can of tomatoes to Nora's cart.

Into the Chronobowl and with his suit put on, Flash would start to travel back in time, going through some memories of his past such as the War for Earth, the Capture of Captain Boomerang, the creation of his first two suits and the murder of his mother before arriving at the moment when he and she were in the supermarket. Upon leaving the Chronobowl, Flash immediately looked for a can of tomato and then ran into his mother after several years, leaving the can of tomato in her cart to return to the Chronobowl, all without anyone noticing.

Flash gets hit by Dark Flash

Flash is attacked by Dark Flash.

Back at the Chronobowl, Flash prayed that everything had worked out while he was going back to the future. Then, many happy memories of him and his parents would begin to appear, moments that he had never experienced. This filled Flash with joy until he suddenly stopped when a dark figure appeared in the background of the memories. The mysterious speedster would run towards Flash and push him out of the Chronobowl. Flash fell on a runway by daytime and watched as the mysterious speedster who attacked him disappeared through a portal.[5]

Meeting his Younger Self

"You are not anything. Which is good. You don't want to be a superhero. It's scary. And I get bug splatter in my teeth all the time."
―Barry Allen to Barry Allen[src]
Barry talks with his 89 father

Barry having lunch with his family.

Now being inside a new timeline, Flash, upon seeing his old home in front of him, would steal some elder's clothes to enter his home. Once inside, upon seeing her mother, Nora, he touched her shoulder, scaring her initially but later she received him happily. His father, Henry, would also appear and upon noticing how Barry returned home early, he joked about how Barry arriving earlier made it seem like it would be from another universe. Barry would have lunch with both of his parents in which he would ask them how his life was going until looking out the window, he notices a guy with the same face as him. Barry freaked out and lied to his parents that he was going to the bathroom to go after the other Barry. Barry attacked his counterpart and put on one of his underwear that he was carrying inside a coat so that he would not see his face to begin interrogating him while he screamed for help. However, the other Barry removed the underwear from his face, revealing his face and causing the other Barry to pass out not without before revealing that he was 18 years old.

Barry explains the Multiverse to his 89 self

Barry explains things to his younger self.

The older Barry would take him to his room where upon waking up, he would begin to explain many things about him except the death of his mother. Barry noticed how his younger self was more annoying than him since he threatened to call his mother if he didn't use his powers in front of him. As he did so, Barry saw in slow motion some photos of his younger self and his parents and also the asking him of this timeline as a shooting target. Barry would grab Monkey and keep it hidden. Barry asks his younger self what the date, with him revealing that it is the other Barry began to ruin the plan by stopping. This revelation makes Barry scared and afraid that if his younger self didn't get his powers, he wouldn't either and that he would lose his way to return to the future so he took his younger self to the causing Patty to say jokingly "I'm Batman". Thanks to this, Barry discove.ed that Batman existed in this timeline so

Infiltration into Central City Research Center

"Tonight, September 29, the accident that gives me my powers. And if you're not there in... in 30 minutes... then you won't get the powers. Which means I don't get the powers, maybe? And then, that would mean that I lose my way of getting back in time in the first place, and then I literally have no idea what happens."
―Barry Allen to Barry Allen[src]
The Barrys enter inside the center

Barry and his younger self infiltrate the Central City Research Center.

At night, standing at the door of the Central City Research Center, with it being closed, Barry carried his younger self in his arms to vibrate with him, much to his excitement. After asking him not to make noise, Barry and his other self infiltrated to the Center's laboratory where Barry began to tell his younger self the plan, much to his fear, so the other Barry began to ruin the plan by stopping sitting but Barry sat him back down. The two fought for a while until suddenly, the lightning struck and pierced the two, causing the Barrys to fall to the floor. The two began to wake up and Barry's younger self felt a tooth inside his mouth so he thought it had fallen out but when he saw that he had all his teeth, he gave it to Barry who, realizing that he had lost a tooth, stuck it with rubber.

Barry realizes he has lost his powers

Barry realizes that the accident made him lose his powers.

With an alarm ringing, Barry looked for the exit from the Center while carrying his unconscious younger self. Barry had the idea to vibrate so he ran towards the wall only to crash into it and drop his younger self. Barry tried to run in circles to see if he still had his powers but soon he realized that he had lost them. After taking his younger self to his apartment, Barry explained that the accident gave him powers but that he had lost them. The young Barry, excited, began to use his powers while the older Barry asked him to stop but he ignored him and ran towards Central City, where he found out and returned naked to his apartment. Barry tried to explain him about his powers and that he should teach her how to use them until his younger self fell asleep.[5]

Kryptonian Attack

Zod's Message

"No, no, no. This can't be happening. Not now."
―Barry Allen.[src]
Flash ring

Barry lends the Flash Ring to his younger self.

Now without his powers, Barry woke up his younger self and took him to a park where he lends him his Flash Ring so his other self could put on his suit. After putting it on, Barry explained to his younger self that if he taught him to move at the same speed as him, they could recreate the Chronobowl and go back to the future, from there, he started an argument with the other Barry who claimed that Erick Stoltz played Marty McFly which surprises Barry since in his timeline, he is played by Michael J. Fox. However, their discussion is interrupted when strangely, many people in the park start running and getting scared so Barry orders his other self to take off his suit to see what is happening.

Zod's message 89

Barry sees the message Zod is broadcasting in the TV of a bar.

Arriving at a bar, on the TV news, Barry sees the Black Zero which he recognizes from 2013 and begins to worry, knowing that Zod is coming to Earth. Upon entering the bar, suddenly the lights go out and Zod begins broadcasting a message to all the devices with screens on the planet, demanding an individual to be back on his custody. Barry and his younger self left the bar and outside, he explained to him how he was during the Black Zero Event and how he couldn't save a father but he recognized that they could prevent everything from happening if they reunited the entire Justice League, so the two walked to Barry Allen's Apartment.

Searching for the Justice League

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Flashpoint Barry Allen's apartment

Barry and his younger self find an sleeping Gary.

When entering, Barry began to notice an unpleasant smell which he later realized was coming from a friend of his younger self who lived in his apartment. Barry asked his other self to lend him his laptop when this timeline's Patty Spivot woke up. The young Barry tried to convince her that Barry was his cousin which she believed while her boyfriend, Albert Desmond, woke up too. Barry would start searching the internet to see if his teammates were already superheroes but he discovered that Victor Stone wasn't Cyborg yet, Wonder Woman was unsearchable and Arthur Curry had never been born, which made Barry think that he had completely broke the universe. Barry started mentioning the name of his teammates who he thought didn't exist until he mentioned Batman, causing Patty to say jokingly "I'm Batman". Thanks to this, Barry discovered that Batman existed in this timeline so he took his younger self while he lied saying that they were going to the cousins' dinner.

Meeting another Bruce Wayne

"So... you're the same person as him... but from an alternate timeline."
"In which you and I are friends?"
"Yeah. You're like probabily my best friend."
Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen[src]
The Flash Teaser 002

Barry and his younger self arrive at Wayne Manor.

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Investigation in the Batcave

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Rescue of Supergirl

"I've read all about temporal paradoxes and causal loops. But this is more than that. Inevitable intersections are something none of the theories could have anticipated 'cause, well, how do you explain that except for... fate?"
―Barry Allen[src]
The Flash Trailer 048

Barry and his younger self before eject.

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Recovering his Powers

"This is going to work, right?"
"Of course it's gonna work. Nothing we haven't done before. Besides, this time we have Batman. What could go wrong?"
"Uh, for the record, I think this is insane."
Barry Allen, Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne[src]
Barry screams in pain

Barry gets electrocuted in chemicals in an attempt to get his powers back.

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Battle at Edwards Air Force Base

"In my world, Superman showed up right away when Zod called him out. So, as of now, we're in uncharted territory. What I do know is that Zod somehow controls the World Engines, which will be destroying much more than just Metropolis now with every passing second that we don't stop him."
―Barry Allen to Barry Allen[src]
Flash fights a kryptonian

Flash kicks a kryptonian.

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Battle at the Chronobowl

"Barry, listen. There's something I should tell you. I went back in time initially, because..."
"Yeah, it's because mom died."
"But how do you know?"
"Doesn't matter...does it?"
"You do know that I have to undo what I did."
"...No. No, it's not a mistake. We can save her and we can save them."
"No, we can't. This is what Bruce was talking about. Barry, this is inevitable. We can try a million times and we're not gonna be able to fix this. No matter what we do... this world dies. Today."
―Barry Allen and Barry Allen, who explains to him about why he went back in time in the first place as well as the inevitable intersection.[src]
Barry talks to his variant

Barry tries to convince his younger self to stop.

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A New Reality

Saying Goodbye to Nora

"Love you, mom. I love you more. I loved you first."
―Barry Allen to Nora Allen.[src]
Barry finds his mother

One last goodbye.

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Liberation of Henry Allen

"Mr. Allen, can you tell us a bit more about what happened, please?"
"Well, um... the tomatoes moved from the bottom shelf, to the top shelf, and subsequently, uncooked the spaghetti. Unquote."
"I'm sorry, that makes absolutely no sense. What are you talking about, sir?"
―Court Reporter and Barry Allen.[src]
Barry Allen and Iris West

Barry and Iris outside the court.

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Catching up with Arthur Curry

"They we're all Batman. They we're all Bruce Wayne. But each one of them was a different person."
―Barry Allen to Arthur Curry.[src]

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Relationship with Iris West

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Assault at Central City Bank

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Breaking up with Iris

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Escaping the Midnight Circus

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"I'm not very good with people. Even myself."
―Barry Allen[src]

Barry Allen is a remarkably intelligent and determined individual, becoming a highly skilled forensic scientist to prove the innocence of his imprisoned father Henry Allen in the death of his mother Nora Allen. As the Flash, Barry is determined to keep his secret identity a secret from others, demonstrated by the many excuses he came up with when confronted by Bruce Wayne, despite none of them being convincing enough to fool the latter. When finally exposed by Bruce, Barry was quick to agree to join the Justice League, due to his great desire to gain friends he could relate to.

However, despite his incredible powers and happy personality, Barry initially remained insecure and unsure of himself, since all of his League teammates seemed prepared to do battle against Steppenwolf's army. In addition to this, Flash had a penchant for drifting around and is plagued by multiple social disorders. However, following the battle against the Apokoliptian forces, Barry developed a stronger sense of confidence, as seen when he didn't hesitate to face the disoriented Superman after his resurrection, despite being visibly terrified.

Despite his tragic childhood, Barry is quite laid-back, witty, bubbly, and somewhat childish and humorous, in stark contrast to the very calm, mature, dark, and serious Batman, as well as most of the Justice League. Regardless of these differences though, the Flash idolizes Batman, promptly expressing a desire to keep a Batarang, and gushing about seeing the Bat-Signal. The Flash seems to idolize and admire Superman just as much, however, as the Man of Steel's heroic death is what inspired Barry to also more openly use his own metahuman powers and come out into the light as the Flash.

Barry's humorous attitude, however, initially annoys his fellow Justice Leaguers; Batman and Aquaman in particular, as well as Cyborg, and even the considerate Wonder Woman, though she still treats him with compassion.[14]

Barry was nonetheless able to strike up friendships with most of them: bonding with Victor Stone over their similar accidents and insecurities, looking up to Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince as mentors, formed a friendship-hate relationship with Aquaman, whom Barry often jokes about his rumor of having sex with fish, and developing a friendly rivalry with Superman, even challenging him to a race to the Pacific coast to see which one of them was truly faster. Barry can also be extremely serious on occasion, notably during his regular visits to his imprisoned father, Henry Allen.

Barry from Flashpoint, a version of Barry that never experienced his mother's death, was even more laid-back, silly, and immature, as well as less intelligent. This annoyed and angered the original Barry, who accuses his younger self of taking his happy life for granted, and not challenging himself. Growing up with more tragedy also made Barry more resilient to tragedy and corruption, since unlike Flashpoint Barry, he didn't become the Dark Flash.

Powers and Abilities


"So you're fast."
"That feels like an oversimplification."
Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen[src]
Flash running fast

Flash using his super-speed

Speed Force Conduit: Barry Allen, after being struck by lightning and doused in nearby chemicals, gained a metahuman connection to the Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy field, granting him many speed-based superhuman abilities, as the Flash.[15]

  • Superhuman Speed: Flash is capable of moving at tremendous hypersonic speeds, an ability so powerful that his movements are invisible to the naked eye. He notably ran from a fridge to knock out a mugger and returned before the milk bottle he was holding could fall. Later, he was able to draw on a man's face when visiting his father in Iron Heights too fast for him or anybody else to notice. When the Justice League attempted to restrain a confused and angry Superman following his resurrection, Flash was able to evade the majority of the Kryptonian's attacks, only being hit due to stumbling. Similarly, Flash was able to dodge many blows from General Zod, Faora, and Nam-Ek in Flashpoint's alternate timelines. This shows that Flash is faster than super-powered Kryptonians, though not by much, since a few minutes after Flash dodged Superman's initial attacks, Superman was able to dodge Flash's superspeed charge (forcing Flash to run into Aquaman). Similarly, General Zod adjusted and synchronized his movements with Flash a few minutes later, hurling Supergirl into him. Flash, however, may not have been using his full speed, and so later Superman and Flash decided to settle which one of them is faster with a race. At his fastest moments, the Flash is able to force himself to move beyond the speed of light in order to go back in time, such as when he undid the Unity and prevented his mother's death. In addition, the intensity of the Flash's speed allows him to deliver superhumanly strong attacks (enough to leave Aquaman dazed for a few minutes after an accidental collision, and even make Kryptonians stumble, and break through Kryptonian visors), as well as to run along vertical surfaces, across the surface of water, through solid matter, into other dimensions of the Multiverse, and even through time itself.[15]
    • Afterimage Projection: By combining his powers of speed and vibration, the Flash is able to generate a ghost effect that effectively prospects afterimages of himself from a few seconds before.[12]
    • Tornado Generation: By spinning in super-speed, Flash can generate a tornado, charged with Speed Force lightning. This can take the form of a narrow tornado, or a wider vortex.
  • Superhuman Metabolism: Because of Flash's accelerated metabolism, he burns calories at an accelerated rate, keeping his body slim and fit, so this requires him to intake a very high amount of calories to function normally. Due to this, Flash describes himself as a "snack hole": a black hole of snacks.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Flash's speed extends to him on a biological level, and thus, his metabolism functions faster than that of humans, which allows him to heal any injuries (as long as they aren't lethal) within a short time frame. Hence, Flash required only a few minutes to heal from getting shot in the leg by a Parademon plasma bolt.
    • Enhanced taste: Flash's boosted metabolism also makes food taste more intense to him than before.
    • Alcoholic Immunity: Flash's boosted metabolism makes him unable to get drunk.
Barry sees the Batarang in slow motion

Barry's slow-motion perception

  • Superhuman Reflexes: Flash possesses reflexes far greater than those of a human. This allows him to easily react to danger and events and perceive the world in slow motion. Fortunately for Flash's sanity, he can relax this ability to enable himself to interact with and tolerate the real world. While in this state, Flash is also able to outpace the speed of other forces like gravity (even the fluctuating gravity around a World Engine), allowing him to move faster than an object that can be affected by gravity and begin falling. His reflexes are faster than normal people can even perceive. Hence, Flash was able to easily dodge a batarang thrown at him by Bruce Wayne, with it appearing to be moving at him in slow motion (at least 62 times slower than in real-time), and Bruce himself almost frozen in place from Barry's perspective. While saving Iris West from a car crash, Barry sees her and the flying objects around her as if they were suspended in mid-air. Even the superhumanly fast Wonder Woman is far slower than Flash, and is seen to be moving in slow motion from his perspective. However, Superman and Flashpoint's General Zod are both shown to be capable of moving at a similar speed, able to nearly match Flash on several occasions, and outpace him on others, to the point where Flash and Superman made a friendly wager afterwards, in a race to see who is truly faster.
    • Accelerated Perception: This allows Flash to easily react to danger and events and perceive the world in slow motion.
  • Superhuman Momentum: While moving at an accelerated speed, Flash generates superhuman levels of momentum, which allow him to enhance the force behind his movements and attacks, often propelling people and objects several feet, which Flash uses to compensate for his otherwise average physical strength. Hence, Flash was able to easily mow down an entire squad of Parademons by colliding with them at an immense speed, defeating Captain Boomerang in the same swift manner, sending a mugger flying with a single push. When saving Iris from her car accident, Flash had to carefully guide her out of danger to prevent her from getting whiplash. When Flash accidentally collides with the extremely durable Aquaman, he sends the latter flying into some steps, breaking them and leaving the Atlantean dazed for several minutes. Flash is even able to send some Kryptonians flying a few feet from these collisions, and is able to break through some of their visors with super-speed punches.
    • Momentum Negation: Flash also can come to a full stop, despite the extreme inertia of his movements, allowing him to further the illusion of having not moved at all if he moves at super speed and returns to his previous location before anyone can notice it.
  • Superhuman Agility: Flash's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels, allowing him to navigate while moving at superhuman speed. Thus, Flash managed to dodge most of the attacks from Steppenwolf and some from Superman, Flashpoint General Zod and Flashpoint Faora. This coordination, however, isn't an intuitive trait, as Barry was still initially a bit clumsy, sometimes tripping over himself mid-run. He improves his agility with practice though, being far less clumsy than his younger Flashpoint self.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Flash's body can handle the stress of moving at superhuman speeds for extended periods without getting tired or weak, so long as he's not running on an empty stomach.
  • Superhuman Durability: Flash is capable of resisting tremendous kinetic impact forces that could easily crush or kill a human, without suffering any serious external or internal injuries. However, if he stands still, he is no more durable than a human, hence Flash was wounded by a Parademon's plasma bolt.
  • Molecular Oscillation: Flash can vibrate his molecules to generate friction and manipulating his tangibility.
    • Intangibility: Flash can phase himself through solid objects by vibrating his molecules at super speed.[15] If he is holding onto someone else while phasing, the other person will also phase with him. He quickly phased to avoid the Unity's destruction in order to go back in time, and later to phase out of Flashpoint General Zod's grip. Flash can also use his intangible phasing offensively, forcing his vibrating hand through the otherwise invulnerable Faora and several other Kryptonians, which knocked some of them out. After temporarily losing his powers, Barry is able to quickly teach his younger Flashpoint self how to phase.
  • Interdimensional Travel: Flash's incredible speed enables him to travel into other realities of the Multiverse.[15]
  • Time-Travel: Flash can run fast enough to break through the fabric of the space-time continuum, enabling him to travel forward or back in time, to monitor or alter past events. Flash notably went back in time a few minutes, to help Superman and Cyborg stop the Unity, and later to prevent his mother's death.
    • Time Regression: Flash can rewind or reverse time.
"I might be able to do it. I mean, I- I might be able to jumpstart it. I- I don't like to break this rule, but when I approach the speed of light, I-- look, crazy things happen to time, but if I do it, I create massive electrical power. I can backtrack. If I can get enough distance, I can conduct a significant enough electrical current, I- I might be able to wake the box if that's... s-still what we want?"
  • Electricity Generation: While moving at incredible speeds, Barry generates powerful bolts of electricity which can cause nearby technology to short-circuit or overload. He was able to charge himself enough to charge a Mother Box with enough energy to jump-start Scout Ship 0344's Genesis Chamber. According to Amanda Waller's files, Flash can also charge the air vortexes that he generates with electricity, thereby further increasing its offensive capabilities. That is later demonstrated when Flash fights General Zod in Flashpoint's alternate timelines. Flash's lightning is powerful enough to make Nam-Ek and several other Kryptonians pause and stumble, and, after Flash supercharges his lightning by running around a bit, it becomes powerful enough to break through Nam-Ek's armor. Flash is also capable of using this ability for smaller, more precise scales, such as lightning a firecracker with a tiny spark he generated by snapping his fingers. Interestingly, Barry's lightning coloration changes dependent on whether he wears his latest Flash suit - his lightning is sapphire blue without it, and golden yellow with it.


"You can be whatever you want to be. You're a brilliant man. Absolute best of the best."
Henry Allen to Barry Allen[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Barry Allen is an exceptionally intelligent science enthusiast, with aptitudes in physics, forensics, and engineering. Notably, Barry was capable of designing and building his Flash suit from anti-friction material employed by NASA, impressing even Batman with the sophistication. Since his childhood, Barry has been devoted to dedicating himself to studying forensic science to prove his father's innocence in the murder of his mother, which is why he is much smarter than Flashpoint Barry, who had never had to mentally challenge himself though such dedication.
    • Expert Engineer/Scientist: Barry Allen possesses an intimate understanding of quantum mechanics, mechanical engineering, and electronics, allowing him to construct the sophisticated Flash suit using materials that, in addition to holding up against immense levels of heat and friction, ground the excess currents of energy he experiences while moving at tremendous speeds.[16] He is also able to explain the scientific aspects of some of his powers to his Flashpoint counterpart.
    • Musician: Barry claimed he's capable of playing the viola to Bruce Wayne.
    • Bilingualism: Barry speaks his native English and also sign language. He also claims to know gorilla sign language, but there is no difference between the sign languages used by humans and gorillas, so this is an attempt at humor.
  • Expert Combatant: Despite initially having no formal training in hand-to-hand combat, Barry's abilities allow him to execute attacks against opponents with superhuman amounts of force. He was able to easily subdue Captain Boomerang with a single blow, sending a mugger flying with a single push, and dodge multiple attacks from Superman, before being defeated. However, Flash himself has admitted to Batman that he is very inexperienced. After training some more with the Justice League though, Flash improves, enough to teach his younger Flashpoint self how to use his powers in combat. Though that training, both Flashes worked together to subdue Faora, Nam-Ek, and several other Kryptonians - breaking through their visors with either super-fast punches, Speed Force lightning, or pieces of Kryptonian metal. Flash also helps Supergirl in many iterations of her final battle with General Zod, though they fail each time. Flash was also able to take down many Parademons single-handedly during the War for Earth.
  • Skilled Teacher: Barry is able to instruct his younger Flashpoint self on how to get his powers, and how to effectively use them. Despite initially not making much headway with his scatterbrained, silly, and immature younger self, Barry eventually imparts the younger Barry with enough knowledge for them to effectively find Batman, rescue Supergirl, and even take down multiple Kryptonians. The younger Barry grew to look up to Barry, and even sacrificed his own life to save his mentor from the Dark Flash.


  • Insufficient Nutrition: Flash's accelerated metabolism forces him to eat and drink and huge amounts of food every so often. If he consumes less, his speed and reflexes will begin to falter. This notably happens when he tries to save a falling nurse and babies - he weakens, and is forced to pause his rescue to eat the nearby food that is falling next to them.


  • Flash Suit: Barry Allen wears a protective scarlet suit with high tensile wires holding the various pieces together, emblazoned with a golden lightning bolt design on the chest, like his superhero alter-ego the Flash. The suit is composed of specific materials, with Bruce Wayne noting that it is constructed from the same silica-based quartz fabric employed by NASA to protect spaceships during re-entry from burning up. The suit is worn by Barry to protect him from the immense friction encountered when he runs, as well as being overall resistant to extreme temperatures. If Flash wears a suit not designed for a speedster, he will have to take breaks, to avoid building up too much charge in the suit.

Other equipment

  • Monkey: Barry Allen's beloved stuffed monkey, which he keep after his mother's death as a gift from her. He treat it with a lot of respect and got mad at his younger counterpart for treating it like a target shooting.






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  • In the comics, Bartholomew Henry Allen was a forensic scientist who was struck by a lightning bolt and fell into a coma. When he awoke, he could think and move at incredible speeds. After deciding to use his powers to become a hero, he created a red suit and became The Flash.
  • Originally, Barry's birth date was given as September 30, 1992 on his college ID card and May 2, 1983 on his driver's license, as shown in the Justice League art book. However, this was later changed in the Flash film where Barry's birth date would land in 1995.
    • Curiously, September 30 is just one day after Barry gets his powers.
  • The reason as to why Flash's run style looks so weird is because of loss of traction when he starts to run, making him look like he is gliding.
  • This is the first big-screen incarnation of the Flash.
  • Barry is the first person in the DC Extended Universe to coin the terms "Speed Force".
  • Barry is usually portrayed as a blond with blue eyes, but the DCEU version is black-haired with brown eyes.
  • Barry is stated to still be a college student when he joins the Justice League, making the Flash one of the youngest members, along with Cyborg.
  • Although his superhero alter ego "Flash" is seemingly never mentioned in dialogue in any of the films, he is mentioned by that name in Suicide Squad during the intro sequence of the film, as part of the file Amanda Waller has compiled about Digger Harkness, indicating that A.R.G.U.S. is the first to refer to him by that name.
  • The only people who know Barry's identity as the Flash, other than the members of both of the Justice Leagues, are Lex Luthor and Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Barry is Jewish, which he mentions when he describes a picture of himself to Bruce Wayne.
    • Coincidentally, his actor, Ezra Miller, is also Jewish.
  • Barry was 9 years old when his mother died, 18 years old when the Black Zero Event happened, 22 years old during Justice League/Zack Snyder's Justice League, 26 years old when the Battle at Coverdale Ranch hapened and 27 years old during The Flash.
  • Barry is right-handed, and, supposedly, can play the viola and is fluent in Sign Language.
    • Barry also mentioned a fluency in "Gorilla Sign Language", a reference to the Flash telepathic villain Gorilla Grodd.
  • Barry is a fan of Rick and Morty and the Back to the Future franchise.
  • Barry is virgin.
  • In Zack Snyder's Justice League, one of the names Barry comes up with as his superhero alter-ego is Lightning Lad. In DC Comics, Lightning Lad is the name of a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, an organization of young heroes from the 30th Century.
  • The Flash makes a small cameo appearance in the hand-drawn "imaginary" adventures in the credits of Shazam!, racing against Darla Dudley in her superhero form.
  • Barry's usual breakfast order is peanut butter, bananas, raisins, honey and cheese on a roll, which is usually ready for him because he is habitually late for work.
  • Adam Brody would have played the Flash in the cancelled film Justice League: Mortal.
  • The first and last appearances of this Flash are in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Special.
  • Chronologically, the first and last lines of Flash are "No honor among thieves, eh?" in Suicide Squad and "Wouldn't miss this for the world" in Blackout.

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