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"Good dog."
―Fitzgibbon to Savant[src]

Doctor Fitzgibbon is the head physician of Belle Reve, a member of ARGUS, and an aide to Amanda Waller. He is responsible for the well-being of the members of Task Force X, treating them if they're wounded, and letting Waller know if they're ready for missions. He also is responsible for inserting the nanite explosives into the bases of the members of Task Force X's skulls.


Involvement with ARGUS

Little is known about the arrangement between Waller and Fitzgibbon, other than the fact that he aids ARGUS by preparing inmates at Belle Reve for their missions. He was responsible for implanting the nanite-explosive tracking devices at the base of the skull for members of Task Force X. He is also responsible for tending to the wounded should they return from missions alive.[1]


Fitzgibbon treats prisoners like his patients, but when he injected Brian Durlin he treated him like a child.


  • Expert physician: Fitzgibbon is a talented physician with presumably numerous years experience. This experience allowed him to become the head physician at Belle Reve but also placed him on the radar of ARGUS.




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