The Fishermen infantry frigate is a type of warship owned by the Kingdom of the Fishermen. It is designed to look like a sea turtle. Its primary role is to provide support for infantry and prawn fighters that are engaged in combat with its internal support facilities and providing fire support or to defending itself while hovering above.[1]

They are one of many types of Atlantean warship.


Arthur goes to Atlantis

As Arthur and Mera flew past customs, a fleet of several infantry frigates along with other Fisherman warships was among the traffic, presumed to be making a pit stop over Atlantis, travelling alongside an Atlantis fleet carrier.

Screenshot (19)

Arthur and Mera traveled very close to one as they enter the water barrier leading into Atlantis.

Battle of the Brine

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The Fisherman fleet alongside the fleets of Xebel and Atlantis.

Dozens of infantry frigates were assembled by the Fishermen for the battle as part of the Fisherman fleet. The frigates charged alongside hundreds of Corvette gunners at the left flank held by the Fishermen. They mostly avoided combat, instead relying on their fighter escorts to defend them. Unlike the Atlantis fleet carriers who remain in the rear, many were stationed on the sea floor, providing aid for wounded Atlanteans, Fisherman, and Xebelians, and recalling damaged prawn fighters.

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Infantry frigates about to enter the battlefield.

With the sudden rise of the legendary Karathen, along with Arthur and thousands of marine life, the land forces immediately retreated from the lumbering beast. A lone infantry frigate didn't retreat in time, opting to stand its ground and briefly engaged the Karathen before being smashed in the front followed by being cut in half. The back half would later be the site of the duel between Orm and Arthur.

With the land battle over and the brine out of action, the remaining infantry frigates joined the battle alongside other fisherman ships, lending their support to allied forces that needed help. Several infantry frigates surfaced from the ocean in the distance around site of theduel between Orm and Arthur, while the rest were presumably engaged in recovery of wounded troops and damaged fighters alongside Atlantis carriers.


  • Light armor: The frigates are protected by 6 large pieces of armor that only provide rifle-level protection as it's meant to be a infantry support ship, as seen when Orm smashed into one, making a large hole.
  • Plasma cannons: Two cannons mounted on the front provide infantry forces fire support, or defend itself against enemy ships.
  • Support facilities: Inside the ship contains a field hospital, armory, and even a internal docking bay at the lower bottom for prawn fighters.
  • Speed: Its top speed is 55 kn.


  • Orm and Arthur fought at the lower back wreckage of a Infantry Frigate at surface level.


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