The Fishermen battle cruiser is a type of warship owned by the Kingdom of the Fishermen.[1] It is designed to resemble a whale, and is the main warship of the Fishermen. It's built for naval warfare and attacking enemy ships from a distance.[2]

It is one of many types of Atlantean warship.


Cyborg with one of the mother boxes
"Ride ain't over yet!"

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  • Light armor: As a battle cruiser, the ship is protected by 4 large pieces of armor covering areas both exterior and parts of its interior.
  • Anterior cannons: It's armed with twin heavy guns in encased gun mounts, used to fire at enemy ships.
  • Speed: Its top speed is 80 kn.


  • It's the largest, fastest ship in the Fisherman Kingdom and the fastest ship of all four kingdoms


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