"Any idiot can set fires. It takes a professional to do it right."
―Firefly to his associates[src]

Garfield Lynns, also known as Firefly, is a criminal from Gotham City who uses a specialized fireproof suit and a flamethrower to commit crime in the city. He is, therefore, a frequent enemy of Batman.


Captured by Batman

Firefly, working with two others, was contracted to burn down a building in Gotham City. Knowing he was a professional, the two men allowed him to detonate the fire bombs himself. Before he could detonate them, however, Batman intervened. He attempted to burn him with his flamethrower, as well as suffocate him, but Batman used his cape and a respirator. He subsequently began beating Firefly up, destroying his suit and knocking him out.[1]


Firefly using his flamethrower

Firefly using his flamethrower.

  • Fireproof suit: Firefly wears a highly durable suit whilst committing arson, providing him with armored protection against the heat, as well as a respirator. However, it was destroyed during an altercation with Batman.[1]
  • Flamethrower: A crucial piece of Firefly's equipment, which he utilizes as a weapon against Batman, albeit with limited success, due to the latter's fireproof Batsuit.[1]



  • Sal - Subordinate



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