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"Below their lying, liberal human faces lurk extrateresstrial beings who want nothing other than our civilization to fail! They are among us!"
Fact Attack host[src]

Fact Attack is a televised news programme that presents conspiracy theories from a right-wing slant.


Auggie Smith was a fan of Fact Attack. His son Christopher visited him at his home once he awoke from his coma, which he had fallen into as a result of injuries he sustained during the Destruction of Jotunheim. The show was playing on the television, with the host angrily declaring that liberals were secretly extraterrestrials in human disguises attempting to cause the downfall of society.[1]


  • Fact Attack is a parody of the far-right conspiracy theory website InfoWars. The host of Fact Attack is very similar in appearance and behaviour to InfoWars host Alex Jones.
  • The host's statements about liberals secretly being disguised aliens plotting the downfall of society is based on the Reptilian conspiracy theory, which is a belief popularized by David Icke that many of the world's most prominent politicians, world leaders and celebrities are secretly reptilian aliens in disguise.


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