The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the domestic intelligence agency of the United States. It serves as the nation's primary law enforcement agency. They investigate 200 categories of federal crimes and are headquartered in Washington D.C., in the J. Edgar Hoover Building. They are known to collaborate with ARGUS from time to time.


Battle of Metropolis

In the aftermath of the Battle of Metropolis, the FBI helped, along with the Army, in blockading the part of downtown Metropolis that was destroyed in General Zod's attempt to transform Earth into a new Krypton. They searched for survivors buried under debris. Beforehand, the FBI was tasked with bringing in Lois Lane, who had been revealed to know the identity of Kal-El, the alien spoken of in the transmission sent by General Zod. She attempted to escape but was apprehended.

Arrest of Lex Luthor

Following Lex Luthor's imprisonment in Belle Reve supermax for his unspeakable crimes against peace and humanity, a team of FBI agents are seen looking through his now empty mansion.

Battle of Midway City

The FBI helped ARGUS analyze and deal with the aftermath of Enchantress' escape and attack on Midway City. A team of FBI agents were notably put under ARGUS Director Amanda Waller's command, and were stationed in the John F. Ostrander Federal Building. As Rick Flag and the Task Force X arrived to retrieve Waller, she killed all of the FBI agents present.

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