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"A foundation has to be built on something." ―Dru-Zod, Man of Steel
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The Eye of Sin is a magical sphere kept in the Rock of Eternity. If anyone uses it, they could control the Seven Deadly Sins.[1]


Imprisoning the Seven Deadly Sins[]

After Teth-Adam from Kahndaq unleashed the Seven Deadly Enemies after the death of his family, killing millions of people, the last surviving wizard managed to imprison the Sins into a magical artifact called the Eye of Sin which can also release the Sins if the wizard's candidate falls under the temptations of the Sins and touches the Eye.[1]

Embedded in Thaddeus Sivana[]

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True to its namesake, Eye of Sin was specifically designed as the prison to contain Seven Deadly Sins within. Though the Sins can only be released from the sphere by those who hold it on the outside, they can still whisper potential new wielders to claim the Eye in exchange of mystical power (superhuman physiology and magic energy manipulation) sufficient to match Shazam's divine might. Said wielders can even command the Sins to do their bidding while still being empowered so long at least one Sin staying within and their will keep its prisoners in check.

The wizard Shazam exploited the Eye's limitation in form of inability to block its prisoners' whispers to the outside world as part of the test to prove the mettel of his would-be successors, but such function led to his undoing due to the Sins had corrupted Thaddeus Sivana's already crippled heart that the young man spend his life to return to Rock of Eternity and eventually claimed the Eye after an arduous search.[1]


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