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"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
"The answer is always more." ―Max Lord, Wonder Woman 1984
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"We're a small group of reactionary terrorists who wanna turn back the clock in Europe a thousand years."
Black Clad Beta[src]

Europe is one of the seven continents on Earth. It is known for its varied nature.


20th century

World War I

In the 1910s, many nations of Europe engaged in armed conflict later known as World War I, resulting in many deaths and destruction across Europe, which was secretly being instigated by Ares. As the war progressed, Wonder Woman intervened in the conflict to help Steve Trevor and the Wonder Men thwart General Erich Lurdenoff, who was intending to launch a mustard gas to wipe out his enemies and many innocent civilians. In the aftermath of Ares death, the war was won in favor of the Allied Powers.[1]

World War II

Europe was once again consumed by war after the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, who embarked on a genocidal reign of terror across Europe. As a result, many nations and their allies either sided with or against Hitler, resulting in the reformation of the Allied Powers and the formation of the Axis Powers. After many casualties on both sides, Adolf Hitler committed suicide and the Axis Powers were defeated in 1945, marking the end of the war in which the Allied Powers emerged victorious.[2]

21st century

Rescue at the Old Bailey Courthouse

In 2017, the Old Bailey Courthouse in London was attacked by a small terrorist organization called the Black Clad, who sought to destroy several building blocks, claiming that it would return human civilization to the Dark Ages. However, Wonder Woman intervened and took out the Black Clad members and the Alpha himself, neutralizing the bomb in the process before saving the hostages.[3]

Robbery at the British Museum

A month later, Wonder Woman stopped a robbery at the British Museum.[3]

Attack on the surface world

In 2018, Lisbon was one of the many cities and locations targeted by the Atlanteans, which resulted in massive tidal waves that devastated the city.[4]

Attack on Sicily

Sometime after the attack, Arthur and Mera traveled to Erice, Sicily to find the location of the Hidden Trident. However, they were attacked by Black Manta and a group of Atlantean soldiers. After a brief chase and battle, the soldiers were defeated by Mera and Black Manta was defeated by Arthur, although the latter was wounded by his battle.[4]




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