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Eugene Choi is Billy Batson's foster brother at his new home, who enjoys tech and non-fiction.


With his computer skills, Eugene helped Billy track down his birth mother.

He is threatened by the rest of his foster siblings by Thaddeus Sivana in order to gain Shazam's power. However, all of them were granted the power of Shazam, allowing them to defeat the villain and his demonic allies.


Eugene is a huge gamer, and is frequently occupied by a screen. He is brave, but rather reckless and clumsy, as seen when he attempts to defend Freddy Freeman from bullies with nunchucks, but hit himself in the head instead.

Eugene has a habit of quoting video game terms when fighting as a superhero.

Powers and Abilities


Divine Empowerment: After shouting Shazam!, while holding the Magician's staff, Eugene was given the ability to transform. When transformed, Eugene has many powers and abilities, which exceed the capabilities of human beings.

  • Electricity Manipulation: He can generate and project electricity. Its electric blasts are powerful enough to seriously hurt the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.
  • Flight: Eugene is able to fly.


"Look, I'm not a hacker, okay? But I have played Watch Dogs and Uplink. And maybe I did pick up a few skills, which maybe did get me into federal databases most people can't get into."
―Eugene Choi to Billy Batson[src]
  • Expert Hacker: Eugene is able to access otherwise inaccessible files from the federal government.


  • Eugene's Suit: When empowered as his avatar, Eugene wears a costume that is colored gray, with a lightning bolt on his chest. It also has a white cape with a hood and gold trip.





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