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The Escape from Silvio Luna's palace was a conflict between Harley Quinn and the Corto Maltese Armed Forces after she kills Silvio Luna and was captured.[1]


"I'll ask again. How many metamates arrived with you to Corto Maltese?"
"69? How do you get 69 troops into the-
Mateo Suarez and Harley Quinn[src]

Harley Quinn was imprisoned after the assassination of the corto maltesean president Silvio Luna, being sent to a torture chamber where the new president Mateo Suarez would try to get information about the Americans who came to Corto Maltese after the battle on the beach, while Harley was electrocuted. Harley would respond ironically to Mateo, making him angry and withdrawing from her place, while tasking the torturer not to lose sight of her. Meanwhile and after having captured Thinker, Task Force X would go to the rescue of Harley Quinn.[1]


Harley Quinn escapes from torture chamber.

While Harley pretended to be fainted, the torturer would be distracted by sending a message on his phone, so Harley would take the opportunity to murder him with his legs gasping his breath, Harley would then grab the torturer's body keys with her feet and take them to the padlock where she would open it. Upon breaking free, she would grab a gun on a table and with it she would go out to the doors of the torture chamber killing all the guards who were surprised to see her, Harley would grab a gun from the guards on the ground and continue on her way.[1]

Harley Quinn begins to kill every soldier.

Harley then came to a room that joined many doors, in this many wars began to appear that Harley began to shoot while turning to avoid them, once they were all attended, Harley would run out of ammunition leaving the guns on the floor and running to a door. Quinn began by knocking out a soldier with his head while kicking some bars that had guards breaking their arms. Then a guard with a knife would bequeath, so Harley would tear off part of her dress to hang it and throw it on top of another soldier, another soldier with a knife would arrive to try to kill her, but Harley would dodge with a fence, with which she would start hitting him when approached. More soldiers with knives would arrive, so Harley would snatch one from them, and she would start stabbing them.[1]

Harley Quinn recovers her javelin.

Harley would then grab two rifles from the ground, with which she would start walking to the exit, shooting scared soldiers who tried to evade her, while she began to imagine blood as colored roses. Suddenly, Harley Quinn was amazed to see the weaponized javelin that she had given Gunter Braun before dying, for which she began to use it to kill all the soldiers who tried to shoot her. Finally, Quinn opened an exit door through which she escaped.[1]


"What are you guys doing?"
"You. W-we're here to save you."
"You were gonna... save me?"
"It was a really good plan, too.
Harley Quinn and Rick Flag[src]

When leaving, Harley would call a taxi that was passing by on the street, when entering the taxi driver he would ask him where to go, however Quinn would see Rick Flag with a partner crossing the street, so he would be confused. The squad would begin a rescue mission led by Flag to rescue Harley. Then Quinn would surprise them by approaching Flag to ask what they were doing, so the surprised Flag told him that they were about to rescue her, Quinn proposed to go back and let them rescue her, but Bloodsport said that she was co-descendant. Then Harley happily hugged Flag, so Harley Quinn and Bloodsport would introduce themselves. With Harley alongside the squad and with Thinker captured, the squad would then head to infiltrate the Jotunheim base.[1]



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