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"Have you guys ever thought about doing a rebranding of some sorts?" ―Shazam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods
"Have you guys ever thought about doing a rebranding of some sorts?" ―Shazam, Shazam! Fury of the Gods
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The Escape from the Black Zero was a successful attempt by Superman and Lois Lane to escape the Kryptonian spaceship Black Zero shortly after being abducted by the Sword of Rao.[1]


Zod's Message[]

After making his way to Earth, General Zod broadcasts a message to the entire planet. He threatens tells the people of Earth that they are not alone and that he is searching for a Kryptonian by the name of Kal-El. He threatens that the planet will suffer major consequences if he does not surrender in 24 hours.

The next day, Superman meets with the United States Army and Lois Lane, telling her that he will surrender to the Kryptonians. He is then escorted by the military and meets with sub-commander Faora-Ul. As per Zod's request, Faora demands Lois Lane as well, which Lois agreed to go.

The Escape[]

Inside the Black Zero spacecraft, Faora placed a Kryptonian helmet on Lois to allow her to breath aboard as the atmosphere is not suitable for humans. Clark also slipped Lois the command key to keep safe. Once aboard the main deck, they were greeted by General Dru-Zod. Unfortunately, Clark's body struggled to adjust to the natural Kryptonian environment and he began to weaken and cough up blood. Lois showed great concern for Clark, pleading to the Kryptonians to help him. Zod's leading scientist Jax-Ur then proceeded to take some of Clark's blood, before Zod exposed him to mental probing.

Lois was then separated from Clark, while her mind was being probed for any useful information she might have regarding Clark. After being placed in a prison cell, she noticed a keyhole with a diamond pentagram on the wall, she inserted the command key into the hole, activating Jor-El's holographic program into the ship mainframe. Jor-El guided her through out the ship and also reprogrammed the ship's environment to reactivate Clark's powers. Leading her to an escape pod Jor-El gave her crucial information to give to Clark regarding how to stop Zod's plans.

Lois's pod was fired upon by Car-Vex, causing damage upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. As fire appeared around the pod encasing her, Lois caught a glimpse of Clark soaring down after her, and he ripped open the pod, managing to grab and wrap his indestructible cape around her just in time, successfully shielding Lois from the blast of the explosion from the pod. He then lowered her gently down into a cornfield.


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