Erika is a well-connected socialite in Gotham City.


Assaulted by Black Mask

Erika is a socialite who frequents the nightclub scene in Gotham City. She is a patron of Roman Sionis' club, the Black Mask Club. One night upon hearing some unwelcome news, Sionis goes into a public rage in his club. After being annoyed earlier in the night by Erika's obnoxious laughing Sionis chastises her in front of the rest of the club. He demands that she stand on a table and dance for him. She reluctantly complies with his demand. Sionis humiliates her even further by intimidating her friend to cut her dress off, leaving her feeling frightened and embarrassed.[1]


Apart from being implied to have a good sense of humor, Erika is known for her unusually loud laughter.



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