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"What do you guys want him for?"
"Just to save the fucking world, that's all.
Alandy and Emilia Harcourt[src]

Agent Emilia Harcourt is a NSA agent who worked with Amanda Waller and ARGUS in order to monitor Task Force X, while also acting as a supporting member to them during the mission of Corto Maltese. With the release of Starro, Harcourt and her team disobeyed Waller to help the squad. In revenge, Harcourt was sent to Clemson Murn's team on a mission to save the world.[1]


Early life

At some point in her life, Emilia Harcourt joined United States government organization ARGUS in Belle Reve as an agent. She later began to collaborate helping Amanda Waller to recruit members for Task Force X.[2]

Mission in Corto Maltese


"Miss Waller, I-"
―Emilia Harcourt and Amanda Waller[src]

Emilia Harcourt tries to help Waller.

Harcourt would help Waller recruit Bloodsport into Task Force X for the mission at Corto Maltese. When DuBois found out that his daughter was being manipulated, he threatened Waller with a pencil, so the guards would point him at him. Harcourt would watch and try to insist on not putting down their weapons, but Waller would yell for the guards to come down. DuBois finally agreed to join, so Waller took him to meet his peers. Upon retiring, John Economos was concerned that Waller was capable of murdering DuBois' daughter, but Harcourt and Flo Crawley saw it as normal on Waller.[2]

Battle on the beach

Emilia Harcourt makes bets with her teammates.

When Task Force X's first strike team headed toward to the coasts of Corto Maltese, Harcourt began gambling with her teammates, where she supported Crawley's idea that Savant would die, adding Weasel, Captain Boomerang, and Mongal as possible killed members. In that Waller came to interrupt to tell them to go to their positions on the radar. When the first strike team arrived on the island, Harcourt watched with concern as most of the members were quickly killed, and then went on to watch the second strike team arrive on the island with ease. At that, Harcourt began to celebrate by receiving money from her teammates having won the bets.[2]

Battle of Valle Del Mar

"Task Force X, the creature is heading to Calle Principal. Avoid Avenida Medrano, there's a crowd of infected."
―Emilia Harcourt[src]

Harcourt notifies Waller about Ratcatcher 2.

Emilia Harcourt and her team would follow in the footsteps of the second strike team. Days later when Starro was released, Amanda Waller warned that the mission was completed as all traces that linked the United States with the experiments in Jotunheim had been destroyed, and that Starro's attack was no longer a problem and they should return. However, Bloodsport decided to disobey this order, in the same way Ratcatcher 2 also disobeyed, so Harcourt notified Waller.[2]

Emilia Harcourt guides Task Force X.

In that the rest of the members also disobeyed, so Waller would assassinate the entire squad starting with DuBois, but Flo Crawley would hit Waller knocking her out. Quickly after the knockout, Harcourt assisted Task Force X by guiding them where the starfish was headed so they could confront it. The squad then managed to assassinate Starro, a few hours later when Amanda Waller woke up from the blow, Harcourt and the rest of her teammates felt uncomfortable disobeying Waller.[2]

Saving the world

Recruiting Peacemaker

Harcourt sees Smith in a coma.

Some time after the battle in Valle Del Mar, in revenge, Waller would send Harcourt and Economos to visit the Mount Rouge Health Center to recruit Peacemaker in a new mission, while they reviewed his condition while being in a coma, upon arrival they were guided by Dr. Alandy, who led them to Smith's stretcher. Alandy asked them what they wanted Smith alive for, for which Harcourt replied that it was only to save the world.[2]


Harcourt is an agent who is not afraid to use criminals to force them to fulfill missions, that is why she was recruited by Amanda Waller to guide Task Force X during the mission of Corto Maltese. Harcourt was also seen gambling money with her teammates to find out which squad member would survive and who wouldn't, hinting at her liking for gambling.[2]

When Flo Crawley knocked out Amanda Waller for her null interest in helping the citizens of Corto Maltese when Starro attacked the island, Emilia Harcourt quickly set out to assist Task Force X, regardless of a violation of Amanda's orders. Later when she woke up from the blow, Harcourt and her companions felt uncomfortable for disobeying her.[2]


  • Expert computer scientist: TBA
  • Expert Combatant: To be added...


  • Gun: TBA




Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Emilia Harcourt was a Russian-American ARGUS agent sent to keep an eye on Amanda Waller and Task Force X. In reality, she was a spy for the terrorist organization known as The People, and when Waller was killed by Deadshot, she took control of the most powerful military might in America. However, this was all part of Waller's plan, who ordered Deadshot to kill her and the Enchantress to resurrect her soon afterwards, so when she returned from the dead, she shot Harcourt in the head, killing her.


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