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The Fishermen elver siege engine is a type of warship owned by the Kingdom of the Fishermen. It is designed to look like an eel. Its primary role is to engage enemy ships by ramming and is defended by its own escort of prawn fighters and corvettes.[1]

It is one of many types of Atlantean warship.


Arthur goes to Atlantis

As Arthur and Mera flew past customs, several elver siege engines, along with other Fisherman warships, were among the traffic, presumably making a pit stop over Atlantis, travelling alongside an Atlantis fleet carrier.

Screenshot (84)

Arthur and Mera traveled passed one after crossing the water barrier leading into Atlantis.[2]

Battle of the Brine

Screenshot (25)

The Fisherman fleet alongside the fleets of Xebel and Atlantis.

Dozens of siege engines were assembled by the Fishermen for the battle as part of the Fisherman fleet. The siege engines remained behind alongside hundreds of corvette gunners at the left flank held by the Fishermen. Given their role, they mostly avoided combat, instead sending out prawn fighters alongside corvette gunners to attack the brine. Scales herself hitched a ride on one and briefly joined the battle before retreating from the frontlines.

Screenshot (82)

Scales alongside other Prawn fighters

With the sudden rise of the legendary Karathen, along with Arthur and thousands of marine life, the land forces immediately retreated from the lumbering beast. an elver tried ramming the beast only to be grabbed and thrown at a Xebelian man-of-war.

Screenshot (94)

How unfortunate...

With the land battle over and the brine out of action, the siege engines finally joined the battle alongside other fisherman ships, going toe-to-toe with the larger marine life. While in the midst of fighting, a siege engine along with its escorts were bold enough to engage the Karathen only to be munched, badly damaging its head while its escorts scattered in fear. 

Later in the battle, several siege engines surfaced from the ocean in the distance around site of the duel between Orm and Arthur.[2]


  • Fortified cephalic chisel: The siege engines are protected by extremely thick armor plating at the front to absorb impact from ramming enemy ships. Its structure is strong enough to survive a bite from even the legendary Karathen, albeit with heavy damage.
Screenshot (101)

The frontal guns firing on the Karathen.

  • Frontal guns: The front of the siege engine is armed with guns.
  • Battering ram: The entire front of the siege engine is a practical weapon for ramming enemy ships.
  • Fighter storage: The sides of the elver contain docking ports for carrying a total of 32 prawn fighters, 16 on each side.
  • Speed: Its top speed is 40 kn.[1]