"I guess somebody found something strange on Ellesmere. AIRCOM's making runs out there all week."
"That rat hole? You gotta be kidding me.
―Canadian Airmen[src]

Ellesmere Island is part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.


Kryptonian Expansion

18,000 years ago, in the prehistoric era of Earth, Ellesmere was crashed into by Kara Zor-El during her fight with Dev-Em aboard Scout Ship 0344. Upon landing, the two discovered they possessed incredible powers, which Kara used to kill Dev for murdering her crew after altering their course.

Alone and with incredible new abilities, Kara abandoned her ship. The ship remained mostly untouched by time, eventually becoming submerged in layers of ice.[1]

Discovery by NASA

"NASA's EOS satellites pinged the anomaly first. The ice shelf plays hell on the echo soundings... but there's definitely something down there."
"A submarine, maybe? Soviet-era?"
"Doubtful. At 300 meters, that's considerably larger than anything we know they built back then."
"But here's the spooky part: the ice surrounding the object, it's nearly 20,000 years old.
Sekowsky, Lois Lane, and Nathan Hardy[src]

In 2013, satellites from NASA discovered Scout Ship 0344 in the ice of Ellesmere. Research teams were sent to investigate, but Clark Kent, a busboy at Cassidy's Pub at the time, overheard two Canadian Airmen discussing the project and went to investigate.

Weeks later, Clark snuck away from the research site to see the ship himself, unknowingly followed by Lois Lane. Using his heat vision to carve a tunnel into the ice, Clark boarded the ship and was attacked by its Service Android before he activated the ship with the key Jor-El sent with him.

After exploring the ship, Clark possessed it, flying off to the Arctic.[2]


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