Ellen Yee is the ex-girlfriend of Renee Montoya and the assistant district attorney in Gotham City.[1]


Ellen is the assistant district attorney of Gotham City. She was formerly in a relationship with Detective Renee Montoya. The pair eventually breakup with each other however as a result their respective professions they still encounter each other regularly at work. As a result of their history together there are still unresolved issues and sexual tension between the two which impact their work.

She is assigned to the case the GCPD are building against Black Mask with Patrick Erickson. Yee turns Montoya in for sending her evidence from an open case through the mail, ultimately leading to Montoya's suspension from the GCPD. This leads to Montoya's transition from a detective into a vigilante by joining the Birds of Prey, which is ironic given Yee's staunch opposition to vigilantes activity.[1]


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  • Her character seems to be based off Ellen Yindel from The Dark Knight Returns.


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