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"With everything I know you could do today, I can't wait to see what you'll do tomorrow..."
―Elinore's last words to her son Victor[src]

Elinore Stone was the wife of Silas Stone and the mother of Victor Stone. She was killed in the accident that made it necessary for her son to be bound with a Mother Box in order to survive.


Early life[]

Elinore Stone was born in 1973.[1]At some point, Elinore met Silas Stone, who she later married. She gave birth to their son, Victor Stone on June 29, 1994, in Gotham City.[2]

Defending her Son[]

At some point Victor got into trouble for attempting to hack his school's network system. Elinore was thus called to the Dean's Office in an attempt to sort out the situation. Elinore initially corrected the Dean, asking him to call her Doctor rather than Mrs. She then justified her son's actions, pointing out that Victor was only changing his friend Sarah's grades due to Sarah having a tough time with her family having lost their house. She then emphasized the question of what the school had done for Sarah. The question seemed to force the Dean to give the matter further thought while Victor (who had overheard the conversation) came away pleased.[2]

Football Game and Death[]

"I lost your mother in that accident."
―Silas Stone[src]

On the night of Victor's last football game, she went to go and watch and support him, and cheered him on when he won, though Victor was disappointed that his father wouldn't come.

Later that night, when she and Victor are driving home from the game, she tried to comfort him by telling him that his father does care about him, but was unable to be there to support him due to the fact that he got held up at his job. Not too long after, they get in a car crash, costing her life and her son to lose most of his body, though her husband could only save Victor from death with a Mother Box.[2]




Behind the Scenes[]

  • Although her gravestone in Zack Snyder's Justice League lists her name as 'Elinore Stone' her name in the credits is spelled as 'Elinor Stone'.

Differences in Justice League[]

  • Elinore's scenes were entirely cut, and so she can only be seen in a photograph.


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