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"My axe is still slick with the blood of your sisters."
Steppenwolf to Wonder Woman[src]

The Electro Axe was an Apokoliptian axe used by Steppenwolf during his attempt to unite the Mother Boxes on Earth. It was later destroyed by Superman during a battle against the Justice League in Pozharnov.


Steppenwolf wielded the Electro Axe for millenia, using them to conquer and destroy worlds in Darkseid's name, especially after he had betrayed Darkseid and was subsquently banished from Apokolips and sentenced to conquering 150,000 worlds. After conquering 100,000 worlds, Steppenwolf arrived on Earth after Superman's death, seeking out the three Mother Boxes Darkseid left behind millenia ago.

In the process, he wielded the Electro Axe against the likes of the Amazons and Atlanteans, in order to retrieve their respective Mother Boxes. Steppenwolf also wielded it against the Justice League during a final showdown in Russia. The weapon met its end when Superman used his ice breath to freeze the weapon, making it brittle enough for him to destroy it.[1]


ZSJL Wonder Woman v Steppenwolf

The Electro Axe emits a yellow-hued energy that, when struck against a surface, disperses and spreads continuously. The energy is seen capable of infecting human soldiers, turning their skin into a rough, pale grey tone, while lengthening and sharpening their teeth, seemingly transforming them into the Parademon soldiers of Apokolips. It also assists Steppenwolf in dismounting several Amazons off of their horses. The axe is extremely sharp, strong, and is able to cut through solid rock and even dismember durable beings like Amazons and Atlanteans. In addition, it is also capable of harming and even wounding the likes Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Mera and Cyborg. The axe is nigh-indestructible, as it can go up against Wonder Woman's weaponry and sword without being damaged. However, despite it's lethality, the axe is incapable of harming invulnerable beings like Kryptonians. As such, Superman was able to effortlessly withstand a blow from Steppenwolf completely unaffected. When exposed to the newly resurrected Superman's freezing breath, it became brittle, allowing The Man of Steel to shatter it in a single punch.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

"Steppenwolf's real powers are wielded through this extraordinary weapon he has, the Electro Axe, which is almost like part of him. It creates mayhem and decimates everything around it. Even when it's at rest, it looks threatening."
―Steppenwolf actor Ciarán Hinds on the Electro Axe[src]

Steppenwolf's Electro Axe has been a staple of his character in DC Comics since his introduction in New Gods #7 (March 1972).

Differences in Justice League[]

  • The axe does not emit electricity.
  • It's used in the Apokoliptian invasion, since Steppenwolf is present to wield it.
  • It's destroyed by Superman and Wonder Woman teaming up, Superman freezing it, and Wonder Woman shattering it.