"My axe is still slick with the blood of your sisters."
Steppenwolf to Wonder Woman[src]

The Electro Axe was an Apokoliptian axe used by General Steppenwolf during his attempt to unite the Mother Boxes on Earth. It was later destroyed by Wonder Woman during the battle against the Justice League at Pozharnov.


Steppenwolf wielded the Electro Axe for years, including in the battle against the OlympiansHumansAmazonsAtlanteans, and even the Green Lantern Corps. Under the effect of the unity, those who fell before his blade would end up becoming Parademons as a result. He killed thousands with this weapon until he was ultimately defeated by the alliance and fled Earth until a return in 2017.

Returning to Earth two years after Superman's death, Steppenwolf sought out the three Mother Boxes he left behind centuries ago. In the process, he wielded this weapon against the likes of the Amazons and Atlanteans: However, Steppenwolf also wielded it against the Justice League in Russia. The weapon met its end when Superman used his super breath to freeze the weapon, making it brittle enough for Wonder Woman to destroy it.[1]


The Electro Axe is shown to emit a red-hued energy that, when struck against a surface, disperses and spreads continuously. The energy is seen capable of infecting human soldiers, turning their skin a pale grey, while lengthing and sharpening their teeth, seemingly transforming them into the Parademon soldiers of Apokolips. The axe is extremely sharp and strong, and is able to cut through solid rock. The axe is also nigh-indestructible, as it can go up against Wonder Woman's weaponry. However, when exposed to resurrected Superman's super breath, it became brittle, allowing Wonder Woman to shatter it.[1]


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