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Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country located in North-Eastern Africa. In ancient times, a region of Egypt was once part of the kingdom of Bialya.[1]


Ancient Times[]

In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptian dieties Bast and Horus were worshipped and became prominent figures in Egyptian mythology.[2][3] Additionally, an ancient kingdom known as Bialya also once existed in a region of present-day Egypt.[1] At some point in the past, Teth-Adam was given the almighty powers of the Egyptian Gods.[4]

Giza Pyramids[]

The Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed during the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt and became one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the only one that remained intact in the following millennia.

Discovery of Atlanteans[]

The Atlanteans' existence was supposedly recorded by certain individuals within Egypt. These records were later uncovered by an Athenian statesman travelling within Egypt, who passed on the knowledge to the philosopher Plato, who made reference to these records as well.[5]

Chaos of the Wishes[]

In 1984, oil tycoon Maxwell Lord journeyed to Egypt in an attempt to purchase oil land from Emir Said Bin Abydos in an effort to increase his oil supply. As a result of their exchange, a divine wall sprung forth, isolating the emir's ancestral lands from the rest of Egypt, preventing many Egyptians from access to fresh water.[1]

Since Diana was hunting the Dreamstone that was in Lord's possession, she and Steve Trevor also flew to Egypt in an attempt to intercept Lord before the negative repercussions of the stone's wishes would throw the world into chaos further. They were too late to prevent the divine wall, and clashed with Lord's security detail on the road to Cairo. Wonder Woman managed to break down a portion of the wall before the day was through, but they did not get their hands on the Dreamstone.[1] Other consequences of the wall included a lack of acess to fresh water and a dispute between the United States, who supported the sorveignty of Egypt, and the Soviet Union, who supported the recognition of Bialya as a nation.

After Wonder Woman revealed the global chaos that had occurred across the world as a results of the Dreamstone's effects, most of the world had renounced their wishes. Due to this, the divine wall crumbled in and ceased to exist, allowing fresh water to return to the nearby villagers.[1]

Egyptian Exhibition[]

An exhibition of ancient Egyptian artifacts was shown in the Louvre Museum between March and May of 2017.[6]


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