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"Did you find a world?"
"We have."
"Orbiting a main sequence yellow star, just as you said it would."
"Young star. His cells will drink its radiation. Seemingly intelligent population."
Jor-El, Lara Lor-Van, and Kelex[src]

Earth is the third planet from the star Sun in Sector 2814 of the Milky Way Galaxy and the native world of the Humans, Amazons, and Atlanteans. The planet is orbited by a single natural satellite, the Moon.


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Rise of the Old Gods[]

"The word 'philanthropist' comes from the Greek, meaning 'a lover of humanity'. It was coined about twenty-five hundred years ago. Prometheus went with us, and ruined Zeus' plan to destroy Mankind and for that, he was given the thunderbolt. Choo! Hmm... well, that doesn't seem fair."
Lex Luthor[src]
Gods sit atop Olympus

The Old Gods at the height of their power.

The King of the Old Gods, Zeus, created Mankind, who eventually spread their civilizations across the planet. Following their creation, Ares came to grow jealous of his father's creations, and strove to corrupt them with violence, inducing Zeus to create the Amazons to spread love among Mankind, countering Ares' influence.[1]

Enchantress and Incubus[]

In 4,358 B.C., the inter-dimensional being Enchantress and her brother Incubus entered the Earth from their home dimension and were worshipped by the Pre-Columbian civilizations in South America as gods. However as time passed, their subjects turned against them and sealed them off small statues hidden in the Tres Osos Caves in what would become Peru.[2]

Invasion of Earth[]

Uxas terraforms Earth in color - ZSJL

Darkseid invades Earth.

In 3,000 B.C., the ancient cosmic warlord Darkseid had gained the Anti-Life Equation and arrived with an army of Parademons with the intentions to utilize the power of the Mother Boxes to terraform the planet into one similar to Apokolips, planning to use the world as a test run, but the invasion was met with resistance by a mighty alliance of Earth's armies, consisting of Amazons, Atlanteans, and Humans, with the assistance of the Green Lantern Corps and the Old Gods. After a prolonged battle, Darkseid and his army were forced to retreat, resulting in him losing the Mother Boxes and the Anti-Life Equation. The Mother Boxes were each given to the planet's civilizations by Zeus and were stored away.[3]

War of the Gods[]

Ares Kills Gods

Ares fights the Old Gods.

Furthering his corruption of Mankind, Ares induced humanity to conquer the Amazons, leading Hippolyta to rise to lead her sisters to freedom once more. Meanwhile, the War of the Gods was against them, in which he slaughtered all of the other gods, until only Zeus remained. Zeus would defeat, wound, and drive his malevolent son into retreating, but was mortally wounded himself in the process. Before succumbing to his wounds, Zeus would father the "Godkiller" Diana by Hippolyta, and create the protected island of Themyscira for the Amazons to hide from Ares on, in order for humanity to once again have a godly savior from Ares one day.[1]

Great Fall of Atlantis[]

Atlantis destroyed

Atlantis sinks into the ocean.

In ancient times, Atlantis was the most technologically advanced nation of that time and was in the midst of a golden age. However, King Atlan became to ambitious for power and developed the Trident of Atlan. However, an experiment with the trident went terribly wrong which resulted in the destruction and sinking of Atlantis. As time progressed, Atlantis broke way into separate kingdoms and gained the ability to breathe underwater. Some such as the Fishermen, the Brine, and the Trench became different in appearance than their ancestors but the Brine had regressed while the Trench became nothing more than savage monsters.[4]

Massacre in Kahndaq[]

Black Adam Exile Clip 008

The genocide begins.

Long ago, Hurut was chosen as a champion by the Council of Wizards due to his heroic and courageous actions and became the protector of Kahndaq. However, when his family was targeted by assassins, he transferred his powers to his father, Teth-Adam, but was killed shortly afterwards. As a result, Teth-Adam became filled with rage and killed Ahk-Ton, also destroying a portion of Kanhdaq in the process. Additionally, he unintentionally released the Seven Deadly Sins on Kahndaq, killing millions. Due to this terrible act, Shazam entombed Teth-Adam to the bottom of the Earth. After his siblings were slaughtered by Teth-Adam, Shazam sought a new champion pure of heart over the centuries to carry on the legacy on the Council of Wizards and protect the world from the Sins.[5]

Kryptonian Expansion[]

Scout Ships departing from Krypton

Thousands of Scout Ships traveling around the universe.

Earth was one of the many planets scouted for colonization during Krypton's era of expansion. The planet was changed to be the destination for Scout Ship 0344 by Dev-Em while Kara Zor-El and her crew were in stasis. During an ensuing fight between Kara and Dev, in which both Kryptonians were affected by the radiation from the system's sun, the ship automatically set course to the surface of what would later be Canada.[6]

20th century[]

World War I[]

Wonder Woman WW1 Battle

Wonder Woman during World War 1.

As most of Europe was consumed by World War I, U.S pilot Steve Trevor came across Themyscira near the war's end in 1918 and discovered the Amazons. Diana would indeed return to save humanity and defeat Ares five thousand years later and fought alongside Steve and the Wonder Men, resulting in the demise of Ares and the end of World War I.[1]

However, even after World War I and the end of Ares' influences, humanity continued to wage many wars and other conflicts on each other for various causes. Among many of the wars instigated were World War II and the Cold War.[7]

World War II[]


During World War II, the Latin American nation of Corto Maltese was controlled by the Nazis who used prisoners of war to create some of the world's first metahumans using a facility known as Jotunheim. However, the Nazis lost the war and abandoned Jotunheim.[8]

Cold War[]

Max Lord triumphant - WW84

In 1984, Diana was heavily involved in the Cold War and fought alongside a temporarily revived Steve Trevor against the ambitions of charismatic oil magnate and entrepreneur Max Lord during his campaign to obtain the Dreamstone.[7] She was able to prevent a nuclear holocaust between the United States and the Soviet Union after convincing most of world's citizens to renounce their wishes to reverse the Dreamstone's effects.

21st century[]

Kryptonian Attack[]

Bruce Wayne watching the World Engine

Bruce Wayne watches the Black Zero terraform Earth.

Earth's second contact with extraterrestrial beings occurred 5 millennia later, in 2013, when Krypton's military leader, Dru-Zod, broadcasted a message to the people of Earth, announcing that they were not alone in the universe and that he was in search of a member of his race who had been inhabiting their planet for over 33 years posing as a human.[9]

After a separate attack that left Smallville, Kansas devastated, General Zod attempted to alter Earth's atmosphere and create a new Krypton, partially destroying the city of Metropolis in the process. However, his plan was ultimately foiled and Zod himself was killed by Superman while the Sword of Rao were re-imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.[9]

Conspiracy agaisnt Superman[]

Power comes

Superman battles Doomsday.

Two years after the Black Zero Event, Lex Luthor became determined to cease Superman's existence and unleashed the devastating abomination Doomsday that could have easily brought about the eventual extinction of human civilization on Earth if left unchecked. Weaponry of the U.S. military proved completely ineffective against the might of Doomsday, which included fighter jets and a nuclear warhead. With the ability to unleash massive amounts of destructive energy to heal itself from any attacks, Doomsday proved to be nearly invulnerable and more than even Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman could handle. Only near perfect coordinated attacks from the Trinity, and Superman's willingness to sacrifice himself to kill the Kryptonian/human hybrid monster using a Kryptonite Spear (that ultimately weakened them both) saved the day. Though not without cost, as Superman and Doomsday delivered the final deathblows to each other, Earth was saved once again, but now more vulnerable than ever with more eventual alien invaders on the way and Earth's most powerful champion presumed dead. These events prompted Batman to work with Wonder Woman to recruit a metahuman response team (the Justice League) to fill the void left by Superman's death, as Earth was almost certain to have another huge confrontation with powerful threats on the horizon.[10]

Metahuman Emergence[]

Enchantress talking with the Suicide Squad

When Enchantress and her brother, Incubus, were reawakened and threatened to destroy the modern world and remake it in their image, A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller created Task Force X, a team of disposable incarcerated criminals with exceptional abilities and skills to battle against such formidable threats. Task Force X successfully defeated the two during a lengthy battle in Midway City, receiving ten years off their prison sentences. However, Harley escaped with the Joker.[2]

War for Earth[]

Justice League ready to battle Steppenwolf

The Justice League assembled for one final battle.

Nearly two years after Superman's sacrifice, Steppenwolf was ordered by Darkseid to commence a second invasion of Earth. However, he was defeated and slain by the newly formed Justice League during a showdown in northern Russia, which consisted of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and a revived Superman.[3] After Steppenwolf's demise, the Justice League were hailed as international heroes, becoming a public inspiration with merchandise created in their honor.[5]

War for Atlantis[]

Aquaman becomes King 2

Arthur Curry becomes King of Atlantis.

A year after the defeat of Steppenwolf, Orm of Atlantis plotted an invasion of the surface world as vengeance for years of humanity polluting and poisoning the oceans and planned to unite the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis together either through persuasion or force to succeed in his planned war. However, the planned invasion was foiled before it could even begin due to Orm's brother Arthur Curry, now known as the hero Aquaman, managing to claim the Trident of Atlan with the help of Mera, Vulko and his mother Atlanna and defeat Orm in battle, dethroning him and taking his place as the new king of Atlantis.[4]

Crusade for Magic[]

Shazam fights sivana

Sivana chokes Shazam.

In Philadelphia, Billy Batson had a hard time fitting into a foster family, as he believed that he could still find his birth mother after he supposedly lost her at a carnival years prior. However, he eventually becomes the new champion for Shazam and comes into conflict with Thaddeus Sivana, who was once a candidate to be Shazam's champion but was rejected after being tempted by the Sins as a child. After finding out that his mother purposely abandoned him because she believed she wasn't out to be a mother. He eventually begins to bond with and appreciate his new foster family. In a final showdown, he shares the powers of Shazam with his foster siblings to help battle the Sins while he personally defeated Sivana, trapping the Sins once more. Afterwards, the Shazam Family gained a reputation of being local superheroes of Philadelphia.[5]

Harley's Emancipation and Formation of the Birds of Prey[]

Birds of Prey reunited

The Birds of Prey reunited.

Four years after the events in Midway City, the Joker broke up with Harley, forcing her to fend for herself and also seek emancipation, which she does so in a large public fashion by destroying Ace Chemicals. However, she unintentionally drew the attention of multiple criminals she had wronged. Now on the run, she met a young pickpocket named Cassandra Cain, who came into possession of the Bertinelli Diamond: formerly owned by the Bertinelli crime family until they were massacred years ago under the orders of crime lord Roman Sionis. After Sionis placed a hit on Cassandra, Harley was forced to protect her and all while running into former singer Dinah Lance, police detective Ronee Montaya, and vigilante Helena Bertinelli, who happened to be the last surviving member of the Bertnelli Crime Family. After Sionis' death and the end of his criminal empire, Harley and Cassandra pawned the diamond to start their own partnership while the other three heroines formed a vigilante team called the Birds of Prey.[11]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]

The Squad

The Squad.

In 2020, Amanda Waller sent a new iteration of Task Force X on a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy Jotunheim and assassinate tyrannical dictator Silvio Luna. However, the true purpose of the mission was eliminate any evidence of America's involvement in the mysterious Project Starfish. Later, the team came into contact with a democratic rebel movement led by Sol Soria.[8] As the mission progressed and Luna was assassinated, Task Force X and their allies faced the threat of a gigantic alien starfish known as Starro, who went on a brief rampage before being killed. In the aftermath, Sun and the Maltese Resistance toppled the military regime of Corto Maltese and decreed that the country would have its first fair and free elections. Meanwhile, contract killer Robert DuBois blackmailed Waller into letting him and his surviving teammates walk free or he would release the evidence of Project Starfish, to which Waller reluctantly does so.

Project Butterfly[]

Peacemaker and Adebayo kills the Cow

Peacemaker looks at the Cow.

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Uprising of Kahndaq[]

Uprising of Kahndaq

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Revenge of the Hesperides[]

FOTG Trailer 133

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Black Manta's Campaign[]

Aquaman vs Black Manta

Aquaman and Black Manta on a Trident duel.

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Alternate Timelines[]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

21st century[]
Kryptonian Attack[]
Supergirl faces Zod

Supergirl and General Zod in front of eachoter.

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  • In Playground Heroes, the Ko'erst indicates Earth as Planet-3, as Earth is the third planet in the Solar System after Mercury and Venus.


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