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"You can't housetrain an eagle, dude. Not without stealing its soul."
Peacemaker to Emilia Harcourt[src]

Eagly is the beloved pet bald eagle and sidekick of Peacemaker.


At some point in his career, Peacemaker adopted and trained Eagly as his pet and sidekick. When Peacemaker was arrested and sent to Belle Reve, Eagly was sent to Auggie Smith's house to be taken care of. Auggie, while not particularly fond of Eagly, did keep the eagle around and took care of him.

Four years later, Peacemaker was released from prison to participate in Project Starfish and later Project Butterfly, allowing him to reunite with Eagly, Eagly cheerfully greeted his owner with a hug. Eagly returned to Smith's trailer house where he would routinely offer dead animals to Chris as a gesture. Over the course of Project Butterfly, Peacemaker frequently found himself forced to reflect on his past traumas and reconsider his moral compass, often he would resort to talking with Eagly about his emotional turmoil, even though Eagly couldn't reply back in human language, he would comfort him each time.

Eventually, the Evergreen Police Department raided Smith's house with an arrest warrant forcing him, Vigilante, and Eagly to make a hasty retreat. Eagly's presence alerted the police that the group was fleeing to the woods, as the cops chased Vigilante and Peacemaker, Eagly defended the two by attacking several police officers. With Smith's house compromised, Eagly was moved to the 11th Street Kids' base of operations for the time being.

Peacemaker, Vigilante, and John Economos planned to travel to Ranch Coverdale to kill the Butterflies' Cow with Eagly joining them but they were soon ambushed by the Aryan Empire. Eagly once again defended the group by attacking the Aryan Empire members then attempted to attack the White Dragon but he punched Eagly point blank severely injuring him and knocked him unconcious. After White Dragon was killed, Chris took Eagly to a nearby veterinary clinic where Eagly was treated. As Chris desperately begged for Eagly to wake up, Eagly did and once again hugged his owner, also revitalizing Smith's motivation to complete his mission.


Eagly demonstrates compassion and concern for his companion, Peacemaker, by presenting him with dead rodents and cooing at him.


"Oh shit! Eagly is hardcore, man."
Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]
  • Trained animal: Eagly was seemingly trained by Peacemaker to attack enemies.
  • Master hunter: Eagly is an extremely skilled hunter and predator. It easily caught its prey like the rodents and show its prey to Christopher Smith to impress him. Eagly can use his hunting skills to defend Peacemaker from attackers mainly by pecking their eyes out the way he would normally hunt prey.
  • Durability: Eagly is highly resilient and durable. He was able to survive The White Dragon's heavy punch.


  • Language: As an eagle, Eagly can't understand the majority of human's language, as seen when Smith tried to tell it to put the helmet in the coverdale ranch but It failed to do so.





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  • Eagly is created through CGI.[1]


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