Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris, or Canis familiaris) are a race of semi-sentient mammals native to Earth. Dogs, while commonly feral in wildlife, are one of the most wildly domesticated fauna on the planet, with humans frequently adopting them as pets and domestic companions.


Thomas Curry had a Golden Retriver in his lighthouse in Amnesty Bay, Maine.[1]

The Kent family owned a terrier dog named Hank, that was quite loyal to his owner Clark Kent. When Clark was 17, a tornado struck Smallville and as Jonathan, Clark, and Martha got out to investigate, they had to take nearby cover under an overpass. Realizing they had left Hank behind, Jonathan bravely went back to get him, as a car landed on top of the vehicle, trapping both of them. Jonathan managed to open a door for Hank to escape, as the tornado eventually swept Jonathan away to his death.[2]

At some point, Hank was not more present in Kent Farm, as from 2013 a new dog named Dustin was living there.[2][3]

In 2014, an earthquake stroke California. Among the numerous human survivors, there was also a white dog.[4]

In 2015, Superman, while rescuting a village from a flood, saved a family that owned a small dog.[5]

During the Rescue of the Philadelphia Bus, Shazam was obstacolated by the salvation of the bus by a random dog.[6]

Known Dogs

Behind the Scenes

  • In DC Comics, dogs are often presented as companions and sidekicks of supeheroes, civilians and criminals. Examples are Krypto the Superdog for Superman, Ace the Bat-Hound for Batman, Aquadog for Aquaman and Dawg for the alien bounty hunter Lobo.


  • In a proposed scene for Man of Steel, Zod was meant to be followed by a pack of genetically-engineered war dogs. In the prologue of the movie Jor-El would had a fight with the animals before facing Zod.[7]
  • The dog owned by Thomas Curry, could be a reference to Aquadog, a Golden Retriver owned by Aquaman and Mera in DC Comics.[1]


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