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For more merchandise, see merchandise.

There has been dishware, usually in the form of drinkware, produced for the DC Extended Universe, which is detailed below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[]

For more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandise, see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Merchandise.

Wonder Woman 1984[]

For more Wonder Woman 1984 merchandise, see Wonder Woman 1984/Merchandise.

Zack Snyder's Justice League[]

For more Zack Snyder's Justice League merchandise, see Zack Snyder's Justice League/Merchandise.

The Suicide Squad[]

For more The Suicide Squad merchandise, see The Suicide Squad/Merchandise.

Black Adam[]

For more Black Adam merchandise, see Black Adam (film)/Merchandise.

Blue Beetle[]

For more Blue Beetle merchandise, see Blue Beetle (film)/Merchandise.