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"Back in the day, she used to help the GCPD. She was a good woman."
"Yeah. She was a damn good woman. The kind of woman who put everyone else's lives before her own.
Renee Montoya and Black Canary[src]

Dinah Lance had a mother who was killed in the course of her work in helping the Gotham City Police Department.


She possessed the same metahuman ability as her daughter, a supersonic scream. She used her ability to aid the Gotham City Police Department in their work but was killed in the line of duty. Dinah Lance loved her mother but resented what had happened to her. She vowed not to follow her mother's footsteps and thus rejected Renee Montoya, a detective from GCPD when she asked her to help her out.[1]


  • Sonic scream: Like her daughter, she possessed the metahuman ability of a supersonic scream which could incapacitate her enemies when directed at them. She often used this ability to aid the Gotham City Police Department.





  • In the comics, Dinah Lance's mother is Dinah Drake, and she was the original Black Canary before her daughter inherited the mantle.

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