Dev-Em is a Kryptonian war criminal and member of the Sword of Rao, as well as one of the first great enemies of the hero, Superman.

Together with General Dru-Zod, Dev-Em II attempted to re-establish Krypton on Earth by bringing about a terraformation apocalypse (in the Black Zero Event), but he was ultimately defeated by the Lois Lane and the United States Armed Forces and sucked back into the Phantom Zone.


Early life

Dev-Em was born on the distant planet Krypton, genetically engineered into the Kryptonian Warrior Guild as a soldier and protector of Krypton. He shared his name with a distant relative from the same house.[1]

Kryptonian Civil War

Sword of Rao during the coup.

Alongside General Dru-Zod, Dev-Em joined the radical Sword of Rao and conspired a coup d’état on the planet Krypton, supplanting the ruling Kryptonian Law Council. The Sword of Rao attempted to overthrow the council and start anew by extinguishing the “unworthy” lineages that had led Krypton and its people to the edge of annihilation. They attacked the legislation chamber, where scientist Jor-El was in council with him informing them Krypton was lost and that they had to abandon their planet.

As General Zod had Jor-El arrested, Dev-Em and the other rebels took away the council members, intending to later execute them. Jor-El escaped, however, stole the growth codex, and returned to his home, the House of El Citadel. Upon arriving, General Zod engaged Jor-El in combat, killing him, while Jor's wife Lara launched the growth codex off inside their infant son's starship. The Sapphire Guards forces arrived shortly thereafter and arrested Dev-Em, Zod and the rest of the Sword of Rao.[2]


Sometime later, Dev-Em and the rest of the Sword of Rao were brought before the now free Kryptonian Law Council. For the crimes of murder and high treason, High Eminence Lor-Em sentenced all of them to 300 cycles of somatic reconditioning inside the Phantom Zone, on board the prison starship Black Zero. They hence were forcibly boarded onto the ship and traveled through the Phantom Zone projector to their fate. However, Krypton would explode shortly thereafter, with the explosion releasing the Black Zero from the Phantom Zone, leaving Dev-Em, his allies, and Kal-El the only Kryptonian survivors.

After Kal-El, now grown up, activated a thousand-year-old scout ship, it sent a signal throughout space, which the Black Zero picked up. Knowing they had located Kal-El and the codex, they set course for Earth.[2]

Black Zero Event

Before Faora could get to Nathan Hardy, the plane hit the Black Zero, the two phantom drives creating a singularity that began to suck in everything in its path (including Dev-Em, Nam-Ek, Faora-Ul, Tor-An, Jax-Ur, Car-Vex, Nadira and Gor) inwards, back into the Phantom Zone.[2]


Like his ancestor, Dev-Em was ego-maniacal, obsessed with controlling Krypton's future for his own benefit. He had a distaste for authority, ignoring the orders of the Council.

Powers and abilities


  • Kryptonian physiology: As a Kryptonian, Dev-Em's bone structure is almost identical to that of a human. On a planet near a red class M main-sequence star, like her native Krypton with its sun Rao, Dev-Em, has physical attributes nearly identical to those of humans. However, if he were to travel to a planet near a yellow G-type main-sequence star, like Earth, she would gain many incredible superpowers, identical to those of Superman, which would have made Dev-Em also appear godlike. However, since he was never exposed to the radiation of Earth's sun, Dev-Em did not get the chance to gain his full potential superpowers before being sucked back into the Phantom Zone.



  • Limited Free Will: Dev-Em II's greatest psychological weakness stems from the fact that it was genetically engineered in a genesis chamber (for the Kryptonian Warrior Guild), with the boundaries of thought programmed into its DNA. As a result, Dev-Em II has little knowledge of free will, is often prone to dogmatic tunnel vision, and is completely unable to live a lifestyle other than the one he was born for. Although these limitations of thought allowed Dev-Em II to be an extremely formidable warrior (as he genetically lacked empathy towards his enemies) and leader, they also made him unable to live diplomatically with humanity (as Superman could), or to realize Jor-El's strategy to suck him into the Phantom Zone.


  • Kryptonian battle armor: As a soldier of the Warrior Guild, Dev-Em wore a suit of highly durable Kryptonian battle armor.
  • Exploration suit: Dev-Em wore this protective suit while exploring the abandoned outpost on Daxam.









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