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"Now your death is a path to life. The wizards have their champion, now we have ours. You will take the throne of Kahndaq, and unleash Hell on Earth. Speak our name."
―Demons to Sabbac[src]

Demons are a supernatural species of evil interdimensional beings.


Human Mythology[]

Batman V Superman Painting angels

Demons vs Angels.

"Martha, Martha, Martha. But the mother of a flying demon must be a witch. The punishment for witches, what is that? That's right. Death by fire."
Lex Luthor to Superman[src]

In many human cultures, Demons are feared and represented evil, spreading negative influences among humankind.

Seven Deadly Sins[]

Millennia ago, the demons known as Seven Deadly Sins were imprisoned within the Rock of Eternity by the wizard Shazam, where they were contained until released by scientist Thaddeus Sivana in 2018. They possessed Sivana, with the intention of using him to destroy the World. However, the plan of Sins was thwarted by the Shazam Family, who separated them from Sivana and re-imprisoned them in the Rock of Eternity.[1]

Deal with Jim Craddock[]

After being sent to the Underworld, James Craddock makes a deal with some demons to kill Hawkman in exchange for his return to life.[2]

Legions of Hell[]

When Ishmael Gregor intentionally made Teth-Adam kill him so that he can travel to the Rock of Finality, the demons chose him as their champion and entrusted their powers to him, allowing him to become the new ruler of Kahndaq and reborn as the demon Sabbac. So he arises from the underworld to Kahndaq to claim his throne with the Legions of Hell, but Sabbac was eventually killed by Adam, ultimately stopping the undead.[3]


Demons have an extremely monstrous appearance and are usually taller than humans, with animal features such as fangs, wings, claws and eyes of different colors, the most powerful can take slightly humanoid appearance and those that are almost invincible can disguise them success.

Demons are immortal and can live forever but can be killed by sacred objects, gods, or people empowered by gods. So some who do not have physical forms have the ability to possess bodies.

Notable Demons[]


  • Lex Luthor owned a painting depicting demons fighting angels.[4]
  • One of the six demons who gave Ishmael Gregor his powers resemble Lady Blaze, who, in the comics, is the daughter of Shazam. Though it is never mentioned if it was supposed to be her.


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