Dechalafrea Ero, also known as Dolos, was an old god who represented lies and chaos. Ages ago he created the Dreamstone, an artifact which grants a single wish to any who hold it, but at a cost.


Dechalafrea Ero was a malicious deity who found delight in manipulating humanity by giving them what they wanted at a great cost to themselves. He managed to destroy several civilisations over the course of human history just by playing humanity's greed.

The Amazons consider him particularly dangerous, as Diana describes him in a fearful tone. At some point, he created a magical item named Dreamstone.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • God physiology: Dechalafrea Ero is indestructible to non-gods and ages far slower than any mortal.[2]
    • Magical craftsmanship: Dechalafrea Ero was able to place some of his power within the Dreamstone, but limited its potential to the granting of a single wish per person.
    • Omnilingualism: Dechalafrea Ero can understand all human languages, with his own language being that of the gods. He uses this ability to seduce civilisations from various locations and periods.


  • Dreamstone: Dechalafrea Ero created the Dreamstone to deceive humanity into making wishes to him that he would grant in ways that would lead to their self-destruction.[2]


  • His current status is unknown, as every other god has either died or works for Darkseid.

Behind the scenes

  • The Duke of Deception was originally envisioned as a minion of the God of War. Here, he is independent of Ares.
  • Dechalafrea Ero is similar to Urzkartaga, the god who in the comics was the one that turned Barbara Minerva into Cheetah.
  • Being a trickster god means he's also similar to most depictions of the Norse god Loki.


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