"The dead shall live. My slain shall rise again. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust, for thy dew is like the dew of morning, and the earth shall give birth to her dead."
―Daniel Leone reciting Isaiah 26:19[src]

Father Daniel Leone[1] is the local clergyman assigned to the Trinity Lutheran Church[1] in the town of Smallville, Kansas.


Offering Guidance

Daniel Leone

Father Leone advises Clark

After hearing the extraterrestrial message transmitted by the menacing General Zod, Clark Kent sought guidance on how to handle the situation. Father Leone likewise watched the broadcast and, while watching a televised news story on the message, Clark entered the church searching for advice, revealing himself to be Kal-El, the fugitive Zod had been searching for.

Leone nervously asked whether or not Clark knew what Zod had wanted, to which Clark denied, stating that even if he did, he had no guarantees that Zod would keep his word on sparing mankind in place of his surrender. Clark expressed his distrust of Zod, but, having grown up amongst them, voiced his doubts towards the people of Earth as well. As Clark stood to leave, Leone suggested that he take a leap of faith, stating that the trust part comes later.[2]

Death of Superman

Two years later, Father Leone presided over Clark's funeral after the latter is seemingly killed at the hands of the monster Doomsday. Leone delivers the eulogy, containing the biblical resurrection prophecy from Isaiah 26:19.[3]


"What does your gut tell you?"
"Zod can't be trusted. The problem is... I'm not sure the people of Earth can be either."
"Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.
―Father Leone and Clark Kent[src]

Father Leone is exceptionally kind and open-minded, as seen where he remained composed when Clark Kent revealed himself to be the alien General Zod was searching for, and instead of attempting to turn Clark in to the authorities, he instead gave the troubled Kryptonian advice on what action to take. Leone keeps Clark's secret following their encounter and the Battle of Metropolis, and shows his respect for the alien superhero by later presiding over his funeral.




  • In the DC Comics universe, Father Leone is a pastor in Metropolis, who Superman confides in after Lois Lane disappears in an event dubbed The Vanishing. Leone is later revealed to be dying from cancer and enlists a "cure" from the villain Equus, which actually turns out to be a horrific biological experiment that transforms Leone into an enhanced version of Equus called Pilate.


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