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"Welcome to the planet."
Lois Lane to Clark Kent[src]

The Daily Planet is a famous and respected American newspaper outlet based in the heart of the city of Metropolis.


The Daily Planet was founded in 1871. In 1952, it moved its editorial offices in to a skyscraper previously owned by the Daily Star. Morgan Edge eventually came to co-own the newspaper.[1]

The paper's headquarters is located in Metropolis overlooking the site of the attack on the city by General Zod's Kryptonian forces.[2]

Known Personnel[]

Daily Planet Building

The Daily Planet building in Metropolis.

Known Articles[]

Newspaper from Shazam!



  • The Daily Planet Building is located at 330 Sixth Street, at Concord Lane.[1]
  • The Planet's phone number is 1-632-555-0108, and its website is "www.dailyplanet.net".[1]
  • In the opening credits of Blue Beetle, one of the featured newspapers articles mentioning Victoria Kord in the film was written by Belinda Izquierdo. In DC Comics, Belinda is a writer for the Daily Planet.

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