Users of the DC Extended Universe Wiki are expected to follow a number of guidelines when uploading images to the wiki.


In order to maintain copyright standards, due to the use of external content, it is expected that each image uploaded have a licensing template attached to it. These can be found in a drop-down box when you upload an image.

When it comes to promotional images and screenshots from media, the DC Extended Universe Wiki utilizes two specialized templates: Image-media and Image-promotional. Not only will they license the image with the applicable fair use licensing, they will also appropriately categorize them into respective categories depending on their use.


Similar to the organization of pages, images too must be sorted into categories:

  • For images of characters, use [[Category:Images of NAME]] for each character that can be seen, replacing NAME with the respective character's name.
  • For behind-the-scenes or production photos, use [[Category:Production images]].
  • For simple photos of cast and crew, as used in infoboxes on individual pages, used [[Category:Images of cast and crew]].

A number of different images are automatically categorized when their specialized template is used:

Naming of images

In the hopes of maintaining a coherent, clean database of content, it's expected that when you upload an image, that you name it appropriately. For example, "Superman emerges from the Fortress of Solitude.jpg" is a much more preferred title than "IMG-41838-01.jpg", for obvious reasons of readability and organization.

User images

If you upload an image for your user page, it's expected that it follows a number of aforementioned guidelines. Firstly, its name should be in the format "User-USERNAME-#", replacing "USERNAME" with your username and # with the lowest incremented number, depending on how many you have uploaded previously. Secondly, it should be categorized into the User images category. Finally, it should be appropriately licensed. If you made the image yourself, as might often be the case, then the Self template exists.

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