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The original version of this article, or part of it, was copied or inspired from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki (see authors)

Canon refers to the source material that makes up the DC Extended Universe.

Canonical material comes in several mediums, however some have more primacy over others. Listed below is the order in which these take precedence. Additionally, should any newer film material contradict an older film, the newer one shall take precedence.


Information from the films in the DC Extended Universe are the highest precedented canonical material. The following material from them also has a line of priority:

  1. Dialogue
  2. On-screen text
  3. Deleted scenes

It should be noted that, following along with the newer filmic material superseding older filmic material, as well as a general consensus, Zack Snyder's Justice League is treated as higher canon than Justice League, and so anything contradictory subscribes to the idea that the former is the proper canon.


Tie-in comics and comic books that are set in the DC Extended Universe are considered canon and their contents to be included on the condition they are sourced.


Sometimes novelizations and other books have expanded information that was cut from the film.

Video games

Tie-in video games that are set in the DC Extended Universe are considered canon and their contents may be included.

Online marketing

Marketing websites (example here) and other viral sites containing canonical material are welcomed. A hyperlinked citation is required for this.


Merchandise for media will often be released by companies to tie in with the release. These will occasionally reveal small details or names in conjunction with this, be it in product names or otherwise. A hyperlinked citation should be used here to source the detail.


Film crew/cast will often give insight (eg. press statements, DVD commentary) that offer insight into plot details that were never revealed elsewhere. This is appropriate to add to the wiki on condition that a linked source be cited.