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"I'm not ready. Maybe I'll never be ready... but I meant what I said about second chances..."

Maxine Hunkel is a metahuman with the ability to control the wind with her mind and granddaughter of Abigail Hunkel, the original Red Tornado. Since she was a child, Hunkel always had a strong admiration for the Justice Society, eventually being subjected to Nanites experimentation and obtaining her powers on her own. She was soon recruited by Hawkman, who offered her to join the Justice Society as the super-heroine Cyclone.

Shortly after, when Teth-Adam was freed killing several Intergang soldiers, the team traveled to the nation of Kahndaq to stop him, however being too strong, the team finally decided to make a truce with Adam to defeat Intergang and rescue Adrianna Tomaz's son, Amon. During the course of the trip, Hunkel and Albert Rothstein became friends. Eventually when Ishmael Gregor freed the Legions of Hell, Hunkel and Rothstein helped the civilians while Adam and Hall fought, honoring the legacy of Kent Nelson. After the battle, Hunkel returned to the headquarters with her team.


Early life[]

Admiration for superheroes[]

"I was a fan of the Justice Society when I was a kid. I mean, who wasn't? Hawkman... Doctor Fate... they were heroes..."

Maxine Hunkel was born on March 1, 1997, from a very young age she became a great fan of superheroes, especially the Justice Society, considering Hawkman and Doctor Fate as the greatest heroes. Being raised by her grandmother, she told Maxine how the Justice Society showed how great the United States of America and the world were. As part of Hunkel's dreams, she always wanted to be able to fly and be part of the team.

Hunkel draws the Justice Society

Hunkel draws the Justice Society.

One day during her childhood, Maxine Hunkel was eating at a table with her grandmother while drawing the Justice Society Members, Hawkman and Doctor Fate flying in the middle of the sky, aspiring to be like them, Hunkel soon drew herself flying with her idols. Once she finished her drawing, Hunkel got up from her chair and excitedly proceeded to show it to her grandmother, who did not hesitate to see it.

Growing up, Maxine Hunkel eventually began to watch videos and listen to Hawkman and the Justice Society podcasts, taking into account what happened during the fights. At some point Hunkel even made a Hawkman cosplay including various details of his costume such as the characteristic wings.[2] Hunkel was also known to be fan of the author L. Frank Baum, considering him her favorite author.[1]

Getting her powers[]

"Of course this was long time ago. Long before I was infected with crazy nanites by an even craziest scientist. Before I got my powers of my own."

In 2012, at the age of 15, Maxine was kidnapped and subjected to a nanotechnology experimentation by a group of scientists, being infected by nanites in her bloodstream.[3] Later in 2016, by the age of 19,[4] Hunkel gained powers of her own, gaining the ability to manipulate wind, which included the powers to blast air, fly, create hurricanes, and generate force fields, Maxine would then attempt to keep her powers a secret.[2]

Tar Crisis[]

Confronting Elijah[]

Hunkel listens to people in danger

Hunkel listens to people in danger.

"Maybe I should wear a mask before I ran into all this."
―Maxine Hunkel[src]

While listening to music, Maxine Hunkel walked through the streets of her city, until she met Coates, who gave her an apple, to which Hunkel thanked her, asking her friend to be safe. In that Hunkel heard some people in danger, to which Hunkel quickly ran to help them.

Tar Crisis

Hunkel attemps to stop Elijah.

Finding a mother and her son in the middle of a destruction, she worriedly asked if they were safe, and seeing the frightened child, Hunkel reassured giving him her apple. When the thug was about to throw a car at the detectives, Hunkel launched a blast of wind to stop him, hitting the detectives as well. Hunkel was worried about them, but as the assailant began to attack her, she was knocked to the ground while all the people saw her trying to get up, to then see the assailant Elijah throwing a light pole at a girl, to which Hunkel quickly saved her, thereupon, Hunkel launched a slingshot of wind to hold him back by hitting him against a restaurant. Hunkel entered, asking Elijah to calm down and finding him scared without understanding what had happened.

Hunkel tries to reassure Elijah

Hunkel tries to reassure Elijah.

Hunkel tried to reassure him, only to be interrupted by the detectives who were looking to arrest Elijah. When Detective King pointed a gun at her, Hunkel explained that she was only trying to help, only to be scolded by King who humiliated her by saying that they were trying to do her job and didn't need her help. Videos of the event would be posted on the internet, leading to Hawkman discovering her.[2]

Contacted by Hawkman[]

"You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all this. I'm putting together a team, the Justice Society. We're needed, now more than ever, and I wondered, I hoped, that you will join us."
Hawkman to Maxine Hunkel[src]
Hunkel is surrounded by people

Hunkel is surrounded by people.

The next day, Hunkel walked through Coates's shop again while she listened to music until she started to be surrounded by multiple people who asked about her powers and for help, so she overwhelmedly ran into an alley. Hawkman then flew on top of her, causing her to be alerted by activating her powers, so Hawkman greeted her as she peacefully descended to the ground, causing Maxine to become nervous, who could not believe what she was seeing that her idol came to meet her.

Hawkman talks with Maxine Hunkel

Hunkel talks with Hawkman.

Hunkel repeated Hawkman's name twice causing Hawkman to respond by saying he knew her from seeing her online, to later denote how Hunkel's powers were impressive, to which she was flattered and nervous said that it was no big deal, to which Hawkman said they were definitely impressive. Hawkman then continued talking about how the person Maxine was fighting had consumed a Tar, so he asked her if she knew something about it.

Hawkman asks Maxine Hunkel to join the Justice Society

Maxine listens to Hawkman's proposal about joining the Justice Society.

Maxine did not know what it was, so Hawkman explained that it was a drug that gave the user superpowers for a limited time but that made them furious. He then proceeded to mention that she was putting together a team, then proposing to Maxine to join the Justice Society, for which she, very nervous, did not know what to answer and ended up rejecting the offer, to quickly run regretting her decision, while Hawkman looked her very confused.[2]

Fight against King[]

Hunkel discovers King buying Tar

Hunkel discovers King buying Tar.

"Heh. You think you're so tough. But you're wrong. You're nothing. NOTHING!"
"Maybe... Maybe not. But I know a second chance when I see it. And I know when to grab it with both hands!"
King and Maxine Hunkel[src]

Running out, Hunkel insulted herself for rejecting the offer, considering she had made a serious mistake, until she overheard a conversation, discovering that King was buying Tar and threatening the dealer, so Hunkel decided to confront him, surprising him and launching a hurricane. against him to bring him down.

Hunkel confronts King

Hunkel confronts King.

However, King inhaled the drug, gaining super strength and instantly increasing his size, as he attempted to punch Maxine to which she dodged. Seeing that King was chasing the dealer trying to kill him, Hunkel launched a wind attack at him. However, King threw a tire at her, while he insulted her by calling her a freak, throwing her to the ground. However, Hunkel took courage from her, throwing a huge blast of wind at her that managed to pull him away from her and take away her powers.

Hawkman helps Cyclone to stop some thugs

Hunkel sees Hawkman stopping King.

Leaving King on the ground, Hunkel demonstrated to everyone present that he was corrupt, and telling him to have more confidence in herself, causing King to get angry and tried to shoot him, to which Hawkman arrived throwing his mace at King, seriously hitting him, and causing the pistol to fall to the ground. Hawkman congratulated her for syopping him, proposing her again to join the Justice Society, calling her Cyclone, Hunkel then accepted to be part of the team, happy to have had a second chance.[2] Hunkel later created a special suit to use in her activities as a vigilante.[1]

Release of Teth-Adam[]

Reunion with the Justice Society[]

Hunkel enters the Hawkman' estate

Hunkel enters the Hawkman's estate.

"What do you do?"
"Wind. You?"
"I grow."
Albert Rothstein and Maxine Hunkel[src]

Hunkel was contacted by Carter Hall for a mission with the Justice Society, on her bicycle, Hunkel made her way to Hawkman's estate, stopping in front of a security camera and introducing herself to an artificial intelligence, which allowed her access by recognizing her as Cyclone. Climbing back on her bike, Hunkel entered the mansion's courtyard and met up with Hall.

Hunkel meets Al Rothstein

Hunkel meets Al Rothstein.

Meeting with the team, Hunkel overheard the mission objective about stopping Teth-Adam in Kahndaq as they headed to the Hawk Cruiser, upon entering, Hunkel was surprised to learn that the ship was made entirely of Nth metal. When Al Rothstein asked for food to recharge his energy, Hunkel gave him gum, befriending him when they talked about their powers, discovering that Rothstein became big while Hunkel told him about her wind powers.

Hunkel asks about how to stop Teth-Adam

Hunkel asks about how to stop Teth-Adam.

During their journey to Kahndaq, Hunkel read a book about Teth-Adam, until she saw Rothstein wanting to touch the Helmet of Fate, explaining that it was dangerous since the helmet decided who could touch it. As Carter Hall was explaining Teth-Adam's powers, Hunkel raised her hand and asked how they planned to stop him, so Nelson explained that if they could get Adam to say "Shazam!" he would lose his powers, seeking to peacefully negotiate his surrender, something that Hunkel found difficult as he didn't seem peaceful.[1]

Skirmish in Shiruta[]

"Look at that suit. It’s cool."
"Thanks. You, too."
Albert Rothstein and Maxine Hunkel[src]
The Justice Society sees Adam

Hunkel and the team see Teth-Adam.

Arriving in Shiruta, Rothstein and the team were alerted to Teth-Adam's presence by Kent Nelson, so Hunkel asked him if he showed him the Helmet of Fate, but Nelson explained seeing Adam near the Hawk Cruiser, preparing to throw two soldiers to the ground. Before going to attack him, Hunkel and Al Rothstein were ordered by Carter Hall to wait on the Hawk Cruiser until called.

Black Adam Teaser 013

Hunkel asks prepares for the battle.

The team saw Adam throw the soldiers off, so Hall and Nelson went to the rescue, leaving Hunkel and Rothstein confused. Hunkel then prepared to the battle donning her suit, receiving compliments from Al Rothstein, to which she thanked him and complimented his suit as well, watching through the window of the cruise ship as Hawkman fought against Teth-Adam. When Doctor Fate called them for the fight, Hunkel jumped off the cruiser.

Cyclone shot - Black Adam

Cyclone throws pipes at Teth-Adam.

Flying while doing spins, Hunkel went at Teth-Adam creating a tornado, throwing several tubes at him that managed to corner him, however Adam broke free of the tubes launching a discharge of energy, so in a combined attack with Hawkman and Doctor Fate, Maxine Hunkel again threw pipes at Adam to stop him, to which Adam fired a discharge again, defeating the team and throwing Hunkel to the ground.

Black Adam TV Spot 006

Hunkel sees Teth-Adam rising.

Hunkel limply saw Adam rising to attack her, but luckily, she saw Atom Smasher arrive smashing Adam with his arm, cheering Hunkel who admitted being surprised to see him in his giant form, then they both received Nelson and Hall's congratulations on the victory. However Adam got up freeing himself from the fist, hitting Rothstein and escaping, causing him to pass out.[1]

Truce with Teth-Adam[]

Hunkel reports Adam's location

Hunkel reports Adam's location.

"He's been spotted entering the palace. It safe to say he's not going there to surrender."
―Maxine Hunkel to Carter Hall[src]

Hunkel then went to check on him, noticing that he was still breathing, Hunkel notified Hawkman that Rothstein was still alive. After the defeat, she went to talk to the Shiruta civilians, who told him that Teth-Adam had escaped to Kahndaq Palace. Quickly, she returned to Hall and Nelson to inform them of Adam's location, stating that he was not going to give up that easily.

The Society negotiates with Adam

Hunkel and the team come over to talk to Adam.

When Adrianna Tomaz started to criticize them for wanting to stop him, they explained the truth of the Massacre in Kahndaq, convincing her to lead them to him. Accompanied by Tomaz, Hunkel and the team discussed surrendering him, overhearing a turmoil discussion between Hall and Adam about fighting, until Tomaz tipped off Intergang's kidnapping of her son, causing Adam to come to his rescue.[1]

Uprising of Kahndaq[]

Chase for Amon Tomaz[]

"Come on, let’s go."
―Cyclone to Atom Smasher[src]
Cyclone - Entertainment Weekly 2

Cyclone listens to Rothstein being scolded.

After Amon Tomaz was kidnapped by Intergang, Rothstein and Hunkel were ordered to accompany Hawkman to the Hawk Cruiser in order to help Teth-Adam find him. Once they received a Hawkman's desperate order to jump from the ship, Hunkel opened the hatch, scaring Rothstein who was frightened by the height, so she had to push him to dive, jumping herself to fly and begin deflecting several Intergang motorcycles with wind attacks. When Rothstein accidentally hit Hawkman, Cyclone stopped to listen to him being scolded.[1]

Saving Karim[]

"It’s just that you can transform your molecular structure, grow a hundred times your own size. You're an impossibility and the world still amazes you. I don’t know, it's cool..."
―Cyclone to Atom Smasher[src]
Al & Maxine - Promo still

Hunkel talks to Al Rothstein about her powers while saving Karim.

Back on the ship, Hunkel was ordered by Kent Nelson to remove a bullet from civilian Karim, where she used her powers to heal the wound, impressing Al Rothstein who stated that he was amazed at the nanobots that gave her powers, considering it a miracle, making her laugh as she mentioned also being surprised at Rothstein's power to alter his size, considering it cool. Hunkel then explained the origin of her powers, telling him that she got them from being kidnapped by scientists, causing Rothstein to regret her story, but Hunkel mentioned overcoming her trauma, receiving words of inspiration from Rothstein, happy for her on finding her vocation by using her powers for good.[1]

Attack on the Al Hadidiyah Mine[]

"We're going with you."
"Just find the crown. Get it on the cruiser."
―Cyclone and Hawkman[src]
Black Adam - Total Film Exclusive 2

Cyclone listens to Carter Hall's plan.

Later, when Hawkman retrieved the Crown of Sabbac, Hunkel and the team discussed about it, deciphering the message it had, "Life is the only path to death", where Hunkel was confused to hear Rothstein misinterpret its meaning. When Adrianna Tomaz asked the Society and Teth-Adam to work together to save her child, they agreed. The team then headed to the Al Hadidiyah Mine, and upon arrival, Hunkel and the others heard Carter Hall's plan to infiltrate the mines and save Amon Tomaz, but they had to discard the idea when they saw that Adam was ahead of them, attacking the mines on his own.

Cyclone is protected by Atom Smasher

Cyclone is protected by Atom Smasher.

Hunkel and the rest of the team arrived at the mines to help Adam in his confrontation with Ishmael Gregor, who demanded the Crown of Sabbac in exchange for freeing Amon, with Adrianna giving it to him, but with Gregor attempting to kill Amon anyway, causing for Hunkel and the team to see Adam save him by generating a large electrical explosion, Hunkel was then saved by a giant Atom Smasher who protected her in his hands.

Rothstein and Hunkel give Amon a cape

Hunkel and Rothstein give Amon Tomaz a cape.

Following the mine explosion, Hunkel and Rothstein were ordered by Hawkman to find Crown of Sabbac and bring it to the Hawk Cruiser, as Rothstein found it attached to the deceased body of Ishmael Gregor. Later and with the surrender and imprisonment of Teth-Adam, Hunkel and Rothstein found out that Amon Tomaz had recovered, so they met with him, giving him a Justice Society cape to make him feel like a superhero, with Hunkel moving the wind to lift the cape, a gesture appreciated by Rothstein.

Hunkel analyzes the crown

Hunkel analyzes the Crown of Sabbac with Adrianna Tomaz.

Analyzing the crown together with Adrianna Tomaz, Hunkel talked about how Gregor said before he died: "Death is the only path to life"; Considering that he had been mistaken because life was the path way to death, understanding the spelling backwards as a mirror, Tomaz then told her that in Kahndaq mythology, the Rock of Finality was the Hell and a mirror of the world, discovering that Gregor had planned to be killed by Teth-Adam and sent to the rock to revive with powers.[1]

Battle of Kahndaq[]

"No matter what happens, he does not sit on that throne."
"Copy that."
"We're on it."
Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone[src]
Black Adam TV Spot 064

Cyclone creates a tornado to power Atom Smasher against Sabbac.

Hunkel watched as the crown disappeared, quickly rallying the team to head for Shiruta and attack him from the Hawk Cruiser, but Gregor destroyed it, causing the team to crash-land to survive. Upon getting up, Hunkel helped Doctor Fate to face Sabbac while receiving Hall's order to prevent Gregor from sitting on the throne of Kahndaq Palace. Joining forces, Hunkel created a tornado to launch Atom Smasher at Sabbac, ambushing him, but they were attacked by his speed until Hawkman managed to slash him, however they were defeated.

Cyclone sees Nelson being killed

Cyclone sees Kent Nelson being killed.

Upon meeting again, Hunkel, Rothstein and Hall went to the Kahndaq Palace to stop Sabbac, however they were stopped by Kent Nelson who prepared to sacrifice himself for them, placing a magical shield so they could not stop him. Hawkman desperately ordered Hunkel and Rothstein to attempt to breach the shield to no avail. Seeing the shield vanish, they ran into the palace, only to arrive and watch in agony as Nelson was killed by Sabbac.

The Justice Society against Sabbac- Black Adam shot

Cyclone and the team attempt to stop Sabbac.

Filled of rage, the team attempted to stop him, with Cyclone flying against him, but Sabbac sat on the throne and summoned the Legions of Hell, causing a massive explosion that knocked the Society out. When they got up, Hunkel and Rothstein helped the civilians in their battle against the Legions of Hell, where Cyclone assisted by creating tornados that destroyed the demons, until they vanished when Adam killed Sabbac.

Cyclone bids firewell from Adam

Cyclone bids firewell from Adam.

After the battle, Rothstein returned with her companions to Kahndaq's palace, where she saw the Helmet of Fate disintegrate. Remaining on good terms with Teth-Adam by releasing him, Hunkel respectfully took her leave, settling her head to Adam and the Tomazs, leaving the palace to return to the United States, but seeing that Rothsteinwas taking a long time, Hunkel called him to let him know that they had to leave.[1]


"Basically a tornado with an 167 IQ."
Carter Hall to Amanda Waller[src]

Hunkel is extremely intelligent, with an intellect superior to that of an average human. From a young age and under the influence of her grandmother, Hunkel always had an strong admiration on the Justice Society, continuing her fanaticism even into adulthood. After being kidnapped, Hunkel developed a trauma that she eventually managed to overcome, using her powers to help people just like her idols.

When Hawkman proposed her joining the Justice Society, she was initially nervous and rejected the opportunity, but given a second chance she was able to accept to join fulfill her biggest dream. As the superhero Cyclone, she brings a social justice attitude and a unique powerset to the Justice Society.[4] Within the team, Hunkel formed a friendship with Al Rothstein as they were both recruits who admired the Justice Society as children, so seeing that Amon Tomaz was a fan of superheroes, they were generous with him by giving him a cape.

Powers and Abilities[]


"Your powers... the way you used them... it was impressive."
Hawkman to Maxine Hunkel[src]
  • Meta-Human Physiology: After being infected by nanites from a group of evil scientists, Maxine gained aerokinetic abilities and became a Meta-Human.
    • Superhuman Agility: Cyclone, whilst using her aerokinetic powers is super agile and flexible. This allows her to be more aerodynamic when flying through the air.
    • Superhuman Speed: Maxine was able to fly at superhuman speeds, she did this to create a hurricane on her first encounter with Black Adam.
    • Superhuman Stamina: She was able to fly for a long time and at a fairly fast speed, implying she has this power.
    • Aerokinesis: Hunkel is able to manipulate the flow of the wind at her convenience, being able to mentally summon and project strong cyclones, whirlwinds and tornadoes that can damage her enemies, likewise Hunkel is able to move through the gusts of air that she generates. Maxine would obtain these powers on her own after being infected by nanites by a group of scientists.
      • Maxine Hunkel using her powers

        Hunkel creating blasts of air

        Air blasts: Amongst Hunkel's creations, she is able to generate self-perpetuating waves of wind, landing direct hits on her enemies. Revealing her power as she confronted Elijah, where she released a blast of air that accidentally hit King and Rojah. Hunkel soon managed to release a strong blast of air that knocks Elijah into a store, leaving him weakened. Later, when fighting King, Maxine launched small jets of air to neutralize him.
      • Force-field generation: Hunkel is able to use her powers to create air force-fields. She used this ability to create a force-field to protect herself from the impact of a giant Atom Smasher's fall when Teth-Adam hit him.
      • Hunkel summoning a hurricane to ambush Sabbac

        Hunkel summoning a hurricane to ambush Sabbac

        Hurricane generation: Hunkel has the ability to mentally invoke hurricanes and project them through her hands, as well as vary its scale according to its accumulated energy. When fighting against Detective King, Hunkel created a whirlwind that swept over the battle street and knocking King to the ground, while the battle became more intense, she generated a large-scale cyclone that ends up overpowering King and slamming him into a wall. During her fight against Sabbac, Hunkel generated a hurricane to power up Atom Smasher and ambush him.
      • Flight: Along with her cyclone aerokinesis, she could use this to fly at great speeds.
      • Aero-Telekinesis: Maxine was able to use her aerokinetic powers to achieve feats of telekinesis. For example, in her final battle against Sabbac, she thrusted a car using this ability.
      • Tornado Generation: In the final battle, Cyclone was able to create a tornado which held her up.


  • Genius-level intellect: Hunkel has an IQ of 167, which is 27 points above the requirement to be considered a genius.


Other equipment[]

  • Cyclone's suit: Maxine uses a protective suit as her alter-ego; Cyclone. The suit also allows Hunkel to fly and use her powers more effectively.







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