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The Crocodile-Men are a group of creatures that resemble anthropomorphic crocodiles.


Visited by Eugene Choi[]

When Billy Batson and his siblings looked for an exit from the Rock of Eternity, they stumbled upon lots of doors. Eugene Choi opened one of the doors which revealed a group of Crocodile-Men playing poker. He was spotted by the Crocodile-Men who attempted to get him, but Eugene quickly closed the door.[1]

Attack on the Shazam Family[]

To be added[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • David F. Sandberg portrayed all three of the Crocodile-Men in Shazam!.[3]
  • In the original Captain Marvel stories from Fawcett Comics, the Punkusians, also known as Crocodile-Men, are alien beings from Planet Punkus, henchmen of Mister Mind and members of his Monster Society of Evil.


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