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"I am the last of the Council of Wizards. Sworn to protect realms from the Seven Deadly Sins."
Shazam to Thaddeus Sivana[src]

The Council of Wizards were the original seven wizard siblings living in the Rock of Eternity and were the predecessors of the Shazam Family.


Defending the Earth

The Council of Wizards were the wizard Shazam and his six siblings, who defended the Earth from mystical threats for centuries. Then, when the Seven Deadly Sins wreaked havoc on Earth, the Wizards sent out to stop them, but all of them were killed except Shazam, who managed to entrap the Sins in the Eye of Sin. Since then, their thrones lie empty and Shazam was left old and alone.[1][2]

Continued Legacy

However, once Shazam passed on his powers to Billy Batson, he gave Batson a secret message to pass on these powers to allow the legacy of the Council of Wizards to live on before dying. His wish was granted when Billy Batson shared the powers with the Shazam Family to help defeat Thaddeus Sivana and trapped the Sins in the Eye of Sin once more.