"General Zod, for you crimes of murder and high treason, the Council has sentenced you and your fellow insurgents to 300 cycles of Somatic Reconditioning. Do you have any last words?"

The Council of Five,[1] also known as the Kryptonian Law Council and the Council of Krypton, was the legislative body of Krypton. The Council met in the Legislation Chamber in Krypton's capital city, Kandor, located in the highest tower of the city. The Council was made up from one select individual from each Guild, and lead by the High Eminence. The Council of Five was last led by Lor-Em, and it was disbanded after Krypton imploded.


The Last War

During the events of the Last War, the Kryptonian Law Council strictly forbid Bertron's creation of the genetically engineered Kryptonian hybrid monster Doomsday ever again, due to said monster's stupendous bloodlust and destructive capabilities.[2]

Conviction of Dev-Em

Dev-Em stands before the Law Council

Dev-Em stands before the Council of Five in the Legislation Chamber, awaiting his punishment.

In 18,030 B.C., Dev-Em murdered Kell-Ur during a trial for the Explorer's Guild as part of a scheme to improve his chances of passing. He tried to play off Kell-Ur's death as a simple mistake until Kara Zor-El, another member of the team, figured out what happened. He was apprehended by Kara, and she pinned him down and called the Council, who sent a ship over to retrieve Kara and the other members of her team. Dev-Em was put in the custody of the Council, and after five weeks of deliberation he was put before the five members in the Legislation Chamber as they told him his ultimate punishment for his crime, the first murder on Krypton in over a thousand years. Dar-Enx recommended that Dev-Em receive the death penalty, but this objected to by councilors Dug-Les and Syra Ten-Ar, who suggested that killing Dev-Em was barbaric and not the way of the Council. Both of the remaining councilors also agreed to this, and so until the Council could agree on Dev-Em's fate, he remained in their custody indefinitely.[3]

Final Days

During the last days of Krypton, General Zod lost faith in the Council and their leadership of the planet, believing them to have made Krypton's bloodlines weak.

Jor-El met with the Council, telling them that Krypton would explode in mere days and that they had to evacuate the planet. However, High Eminence Ro-Zar and Lor-Em informed Jor-El that evacuation was impossible. Before Jor-El could go further, Zod burst in, killed the High Eminence, announced his intended rule and had Jor-El taken away when he refused to join him, while Faora-Ul forced the other councilmen from their thrones, imprisoning them.

After Zod and his followers were arrested by the Sapphire Guards, they were brought before the freed Law Council (with Lor-Em now acting as High Eminence), who sentenced them to 300 years of somatic reconditioning inside the fearsome Phantom Zone for their war crimes. The Council members remained unmoved when Zod launched into an enraged tirade at them. They, along with Jor-El's wife Lara Lor-Van, then watched as Zod and his cohorts were encased inside cryocapsules and loaded aboard the Black Zero, which was then taken through the Phantom Zone Projector into the Zone.

When Krypton exploded as Jor-El had predicted, the Law Council perished along with everyone else on the planet.[4]


High Eminence


Behind the scenes

  • The Law Council is very similar to the Science Council or Ruling Council from previous comics and movies.


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