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This is my cousin... Barry
"This is my cousin... Barry." ―Barry Allen, The Flash
The title of this article is conjectural as this subject has no known canonical name in the DC Extended Universe.

The Corto Maltese Armed Forces are the military forces of Corto Maltese. They were lead by Maltese dictator Silvio Luna and his right-hand man, Mateo Suarez during Luna's regime.


Regime of Luna[]

After disposing the Herrera family, Silvio Luna became the tyrannical dictator of Corto Maltese and had his right-hand man, Mateo Suarez, take control of the armed forces. The forces unfairly slaughtered many, delivering cruel punishments for even the simplest crimes. Sometime later, a rebel faction led by Sol Soria was formed to fight against the tyrannical reign, although little to no progress was made for them.[1]

Mission in Corto Maltese[]

When American black-ops team Task Force X arrived in Maltese in 2020, Suarez ordered the militia to protect both of their targets: Luna, and a Nazi-built facility known as Jotunheim.

When Task Force X engaged on their mission, they managed to kill several of the team's members, although they soon suffered many casualties and Luna was assassinated by Harley Quinn as the mission progressed, leading to Suarez becoming the new dictator. They took Harley prisoner, although she later took out her captors and escaped.

They later confronted Task Force X at Jotunheim and witnessed Starro break free, who eliminated the surrounding military forces before going on a rampage, placing Suarez and many other soldiers under its control before they were killed after Starro's demise. The military leadership of Corto Maltese were all assassinated by Sol and the Maltese Resistance, putting an end to military rule over Corto Maltese.[1]

Known members[]