"That Trident doesn't change what you are - a half-breed bastard! Atlantis will never accept you as its king!"
"Well then, by bloodshed do the gods make known their will!
Orm and Arthur[src]

The Coronation of Arthur Curry was the ceremony that officialy declared Arthur Curry as the rightful king of Atlantis.[1]


With Mera's advice of getting Orm from his element (the seas) into his own (a surficial area), Arthur lured Orm into the water surface and dueled him on a warship floating on the water surface, thus forcing him to fight on land, what he is rather unskilled at.[1]


This allowed Arthur to defeat him with a relative ease. Orm than insisted that Arthur would keep the Atlantean tradition of a duel to the death, but Arthur refused and spared Orm's life. When Orm continued to insist, Atlanna showed up and calmed Orm down.[1]


Realizing that even their mother is siding with Arthur, Orm fully surrendered and Arthur was crowned as the king of the United Atlantis.[1]


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