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"That trident doesn't change what you are: a half-breed bastard! Atlantis will never accept you as its king!"
"Well then, by bloodshed... do the gods make known their will!"
Orm and Arthur[src]

The Coronation of Arthur Curry was the ceremony that officially declared Arthur Curry as the rightful king of Atlantis.[1]


With Mera's advice of getting Orm from his element (the sea) into his own (a surficial area), Arthur lured Orm into the water surface and dueled him on a warship floating on the water surface, thus forcing him to fight on land, what he is rather unskilled at.[1]


Soon the two brothers came face-to-face on the belly of an overturn Atlantean warship as all the Atlanteans surfaced to witness their final confrontation. Observing his half-brother wielding the Trident of Atlan, Orm retorted that it would not change what he is and that a half-breed like himself would ever be fit to rule Atlantis. Taking a battle stance, Arthur challenged his half-brother to a final duel. Immediately, Atlanna's two sons picked up from their previously interrupted duel. Arthur managed to gain the advantage, pushing Orm towards the spinning blades. As Orm's cape was torn from his armor, his brother demanded he concede the throne, but the Atlantean King regained the offensive. As their positions were reversed, Arthur perform a trident trick Nuidis Vulko taught him in his youth, creating a a barrier of hard water that instantly repelled Orm's attack. Unperturbed, Orm attempted to charge Arthur once again only for his opponent to throw his weapon in his direction, stunning him. Arthur then caught his weapon in midair and, with a powerful slice, shattered his half-brother's trident to pieces. With Orm now vulnerable, Arthur positioned his weapon only a breath from his throat. Orm insisted he keep the Atlantean tradition of a duel to the death, but Arthur refused, declaring he was not Atlantean and spared Orm's life. When Orm continued to insist, Atlanna showed up and calmed Orm down.[1]


Realizing that even their mother is siding with Arthur, Orm fully surrendered and Arthur was crowned as the king of the United Atlantis.[1]

With her firstborn son having secured the throne of Atlantis, Atlanna returned to Amnesty Bay, where she was happily reunited with Thomas Curry.[1]