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"This man, Leota... he's a murderer. But still, I know his thoughts... even he could've changed."
Ik Nobe Llok to Leota Adebayo[src]

Clemson Murn was a mercenary possessed by a butterfly named Ik Nobe Llok. The Butterfly impersonated the cynical, no-nonsense mercenary that Murn was and was appointed by Amanda Waller to lead the 11th Street Kids, the team tasked with taking down Project Butterfly. Eventually, Murn's body was permanently killed by Queen Eek Stack Ik Ik.


Murn was known by his compatriots as having come from a place called Nyasir.[1] Murn was a murderer who committed many horrific acts. At some point he was sought out and possessed by a Butterfly who needed a host and was looking for someone who would deserve possession and all of the drawbacks associated with the process. The Butterfly soon regretted the decision however, feeling guilty over killing Clemson and possessing his corpse thus robbing him of his chance of atoning for his past actions.[2] Eventually, Ik Nobe Llok was shot by Queen Eek Stack Ik Ik (who was possessing Sophie Song's body), killing Murn permanently.[3]


Murn was a born leader, with a strong, commanding prescence, and a tough, no-nonsense attitude. Like his superior, Amanda Waller, Murn didn't seem to mind the repercussions of committing evil deeds to accomplish a mission, being able to kill children if necessary. According to Peacemaker, Murn was a mercenary who killed a lot of people and he didn't do it for the best reasons.


  • Master assassin: Murn was a world class assassin with experience and had killed a multitude of people in Nyasir.[1]
  • Leadership: Murn's commanding presence and a tough, no-nonsense attitude have made him terrific in the field of leadership.
  • Expert combatant: As an experient assassin, Murn was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.





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  • Clemson Murn is an original character created for the Peacemaker TV series.


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