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"I can't wait to show you my toys!" ―Joker, Suicide Squad
"I can't wait to show you my toys!" ―Joker, Suicide Squad
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"You're a born killer with expertise in every weapon known to humankind. I'm giving you the chance to stay out of prison and work for me."
―Clemson Murn to Peacemaker[src]

Clemson Murn is a middle-aged mercenary and one of the leaders of Task Force X.[1]


Leading Task Force X

Clemson Murn is a mercenary who was hired by Amanda Waller to lead an iteration of Task Force X to save the world.[2]


"You told me to kill kids. You didn't say why."
"Cause right now, the world needs a son of a bitch and you're the only one I got.
Peacemaker and Clemson Murn[src]

Murn is described as "strong, tough, a true leader."[1] Like his superior, Amanda Waller, Murn doesn't seem to mind the repercussions of committing evil deeds to accomplish a mission, being able to kill children if necessary.





  • Clemson Murn is an original character created for the Peacemaker TV series.

Behind the scenes

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