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Claudia is a childhood friend of Arthur Curry's, who lives in Maine.


In 1999, Claudia went on a school field trip to the Boston Aquarium. She stood with the class teacher Ms. Lewis when Ms. Lewis started assigning class partners. While on the trip, Matt and Mike started to bully Arthur. Claudia then stepped in, threatening to attack them both. Ms. Lewis had been an eyewitness to the bullying and handled it appropriately. She ordered Claudia to return to the group and declared that upon return to the school, Matt and Mike would be punished with extra homework and that their families would be notified of their misbehavior.[1]

When Claudia and the rest of the class moved away to another section of the aquarium, Matt and Mike once more took another attempt to bully Arthur, making fun of his association with fish as they had done earlier. The sea life within the aquarium then started to respond, seemingly threatening the bullies attacking Arthur and causing cracks in the aquarium, which drew the attention of Arthur's entire class, including Claudia. When Arthur raised his hand the sea creatures seemed to calm down, drawing awe from the class and the rest of the gathered onlookers. When Arthur turned back to face the crowd, Claudia quickly snapped a photo of Arthur.[2]

Claudia then quickly arrived at Arthur's side and grasped his arm, letting Arthur know of her awe at his ability to calm down the sea creatures. On the trip home, Claudia sat with Arthur on the bus. As Arthur began to walk home from the school parking lot, Claudia caught up to him, calling attention to his unusually accurate targeting skills when he launched a stone using his foot.

Claudia then remarked that she had noticed Arthur always being so serious. She then brought up the subject of the event that happened at the aquarium, jokingly calling Arthur a fish whisperer, which incensed Arthur. She then reminded Arthur of her coming to his aid earlier at the aquarium, stating that she had been serious about taking on both Matt and Mike in a physical fight.

Topo was caught by a fisherman named Gilly in Amnesty Bay. Upon hearing of an octopus being captured, Arthur and Claudia hurried over to the dock.

When Claudia asked Arthur if he was all right, Arthur began to feel that Topo hated staying in the tank where he was put into. Arthur then began to pretend feeling sick, enlisting Claudia's help. As Gilly and the rest of the people were distracted by him, Arthur telepathically communicated to Topo that he should make his escape. Topo thus began to throw its mass and tentacles against the tank, rocking it back and forth until the tank flipped in the direction of the ocean, pouring Topo back into his domain, allowing him to swim away free.[1]




  • Unidentified male - father
  • Unidentified female † - mother
  • Unidentified male - elder sibling
  • Unidentified male - younger sibling


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The character of Claudia simultaneously debuted in the books Aquaman: Undertow and Aquaman: Arthur's Guide to Atlantis, which were both released on the same date. Both books identify Claudia as having been present to witness Arthur's summoning of the sea creatures in the Boston Aquarium. It is unknown if this means she appeared in any of the scenes of the film during that sequence.