"Oh! And I found Bruce. He was wandering around Chinatown. I guess it proves the theory that hyenas really do have nine lives."
―Harley Quinn[src]

Chinatown is a neighborhood in Gotham City, located in the Upper East Side.[1]


Finding a new home

"I got an amazing new place that was all mine."
―Harley Quinn[src]

Following Harley Quinn and the Joker's tragic breakup, Quinn was left without her former partner in crime and especially without a place to live. She was graciously taken in by Doc, owner of the Chinese restaurant Doc's Place. He let her stay in a flat on the second floor of the restaurant, and kept her residence a secret.[2]

Attack at Doc's Place

Returning to America after years of training in Italy to get revenge for the massacre of her family, Huntress killed nearly everyone that had been responsible for her family's deaths, with only Victor Zsasz remaining. She went to Doc's Place in order to find information about Zsasz that she believed Harley Quinn knew, and paid Doc a large amount of money to divulge the information that Quinn was living in a flat on the second floor.

Later that night, an attacker in affiliation with Huntress flung an explosive into Quinn's flat with both Quinn and Cassandra Cain inside, devastating the upper floor of Doc's Place. Quinn and Cain survived, however Quinn feared that her pet hyena, Bruce, was lost in the attack. Bruce was later found wandering around Chinatown.[2]



  • The official website of Gotham City's Chinatown is[1]


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