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China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state located in East Asia.


20th century

World War I

China was one of many nations that participated in World War I.[1]

Presence in the U.S

Over the decades, Chinese immigrants founded several Chinatown districts in cities around the U.S, two of them being Gotham City and Metropolis.[2]

Chaos of the Wishes

Max Lord obtained the power to grant wishes from a magical object called the Dreamstone. After commandeering an experimental program called the Atmospheric Scatter Program, he was able to use it as a medium to grant wishes from all around the world. In China, a woman named Wang wished to be famous, which instantly caused a crowd of people to appear outside of her restaurant, seemingly excited by her presence.[3]

21st century

Arrival of the Kryptonians

In 2013, China was one of the many countries contacted by the Kryptonians led by Dru-Zod, who demanded the whereabouts of Kal-El.[4]


Former residents



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