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"I have nowhere else. The last war took everything from my people. We have nothing left. At least here, I'm free."
―Chief to Diana[src]

Chief, also known as the demigod Napi, was a Native American who became a skilled smuggler during World War I. He was also an ally of Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman, and a member of the Wonder Men.


Early life

Chief was born originally as Napi, a demigod.[2] At some point before 1910s he fought a war against Europeans. Such war was lost, and his people lost everything. As he had nothing left, he moved to Europe, where he could live free.[3]

World War I

By 1918 Chief was a smuggler near French No Man's Land, smuggling goods between different fronts like British tea, German beer and Edgar Rice Burroughs books.

Steve Trevor recruited Chief to serve on his team as a smuggler on a mission to infiltrate the Western Front during World War I, and he meets Diana Prince, an Amazonian warrior who came with him to fight in the war. They two had a quick conversation with Diana, introducing himself with his real name and explaining that colonial Europeans ("Steve Trevor's people") have taken everything from his people, and so he has nothing left, which is why he's found himself there.[3]

Actions with the Wonder Men

When the Wonder Men journeyed towards the Front, Chief went ahead and discovered several land mines. When Diana asked if he feared death, Sameer explained that Chief had had a vision prior. In that vision, the Chief claimed to have survived the War and gone on to Russia to drink Vodka with the Tsar.

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"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Chief died at some point before 1984.[1]


A photograph taken in Belgium in 1918 including Chief is eventually discovered by Lex Luthor, who compiles into his footage of all the other metahumans.[4] The photo is eventually returned to Diana by Bruce Wayne.[3]


"So, who do you fight for in this war?"
"I don't fight."
"You're here for profit, then?"
"No better place to be."
"Nowhere better to be than in a war where you don't take a side?
Diana and Chief[src]

Chief is kind-hearted, soulful, pensive, open-minded, and intelligent. When he meets the remainder of the Wonder Men as well as many soldiers on the front, they excitedly embrace him, indicating his friendly spirit. He is also seen graciously turning down money that Belgian villagers try to give him after they save the town.

As a Native American (of the Blackfoot tribe), Chief is bitter about his people losing their land to white Americans, and hence he resolved to stay neutral in World War I, profiting from both sides. However, seeing Wonder Woman's compassion and unbreakable spirit in action renews Chief's hope, boosting his morale and energizing him past the point of purely monetary interests, to the point that Chief finally takes active initiative against the Central Powers.

Chief is also exceptionally open-minded, evident in him forming a close friendship with Steve Trevor (despite his bitterness against white American colonialists), and genuinely believing Wonder Woman's story about the God of War Ares (despite Sameer, Steve Trevor, and especially Charlie all being skeptical).


"A smuggler. Very reputable."
Steve Trevor to Diana[src]
  • Peak Human Condition: As a skilled smuggler who specializs at entering war zones, Chief is in top physical condition. He is notably very strong, due to his great height and muscular build.
  • Gifted Intelligence: Chief is quite intelligent, which extends to his considerable smuggling, stealth, science, and lingual skills, making Chief a very valuable member of the Wonder Men.
    • Expert Smuggler: Chief is a highly skilled smuggler, who made a living in World War I (before Wonder Woman finally inspires him to actively join the Allied forces) by remaining neutral and smuggling bands of Allied troops (also eventually the Wonder Men) past Western Front trenches, having an excellent knowledge of the region.
    • Skilled Scientist: Chief is well-versed in basic physics and chemistry, knowing that that the hydrogen-based mustard gas developed by Dr. Poison would be highly flammable.
    • Bilingualism: Chief, apart from his American native Blackfoot, also fluently speaks English (though with a Native American accent). Diana Prince and Sameer, however, both seemingly surpass him in lingual proficiency.
  • Stealth Expert: Chief, as a smuggler, is highly skilled in stealth and infiltration, having discreetly lead a number of Allied troops past Western Front trenches, and later discreetly getting a hold of a German automobile for Sameer and Steve Trevor.


  • Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy": Chief's service weapon was a rifle, having used it during the battle of no man's land and while reclaiming the German village.





  • It's possible that the character may be a very loose reference to the character "Apache Chief" first seen in the DC Super Friends cartoon.
  • The name "Chief" could be also a reference to the same character from Doom Patrol.
  • Chief's Blackfoot dialogue with Diana is untranslated, though Chief introduces himself as Napi, a trickster demigod from Blackfoot folklore.[2]

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